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So how much of the background stuff in this book is just reprinted stuff from the likes of Libre Chaotica?

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Thanks for screwing up the thread, sagefags. Really, stellar job of making sure nothing ever gets done. Fuck you, I will make stock fucking guardsman and that's fucking it.

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Alright brahs, here's the dilley-o.

So, I'm starting a Rogue Trader campaign in the near future. Although I'm very, very familiar with all levels of lore within the 40k universe, I'm just as new to this game as the PCs are going to be(I'm still reading the core rulebook, in fact). So, I figured I'd come here for some advice.

One of the players I know wants to play a sister of battle, which I'm okay with if it isn't normally allowed. I figure it's conceivable that a Sororitas convent would allow one of their own to join a Rogue Trader crew for the purposes of both acting as a missionary and enforcing the Emperor's will - both within and without.

Another player, whom is the only one well-versed in the 40k universe, has expressed a great degree of interest in playing either a kroot or ork mercenary, which I actually find to be quite interesting. I know that this is an exceptional case that -shouldn't- be allowed, but I think it's interesting, and the guy is a good role player anyways.

How these two PCs interact with each other is entirely up to them, and both players will be made aware of any contention beforehand. With that said, what I'd really like to know is if you guys have any recommendations for Rogue Trader or Dark Heresy books that would elaborate on character creation for these two templates. If there isn't any reference/template for making kroot or ork characters, have any of you had one as a PC? What kind of house rules did you apply, if any?

Any input appreciated. Also, general RT thread.

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Fuck the police.

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I'd like Malal, but would probably be Slaanesh. Which I am okay with.

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Slaanesh can into throne-room harem.

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Can we have a cult of Slaanesh thread going?

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This is progress, you are willing to admit you are shackled, now we must show you the truth, that it is possible for a person not to be shackled. Then you will be ready.

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I've always found Chaos demons to be real easy to paint. I go through ten demon squads in a day. Never fought with an all demon army though.

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Gotta love slaanesh.

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You are welcome.

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>Im on a motherfucking space-boat.

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This is the best that the servants of the false emperor can do?

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Thank you, good sir.
Pic related, assassins should visit the Emperor's Mercy onto these heretics.

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so what do you guys think of the rumors of the chaos dex coming up after the necron release.

I've read that they will be merging some of the shit from the daemons book into it. giving zerker's jump pack like movement, impoving daemon swords so that the "1" don't mean shit. adding in the dread claw drop pods, adding in chaos infected followers (as cheap troops) and getting some artilary in the form of traitor legion vehicles.

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I really doubt that Daleks are that sexualized.
That is the ruined and mutated remnants of a space marine if anything.

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'sup /tg/

been thinkin about runnin a Rogue Trader campaign with some of friends for quite some time now. problem is i've never GM'ed before, just played a few Deathwatch missions with another group
have already read into the core rulebook but now I'm askin you guys if you got any good advice for me, what I have to look after, what problems could there be etc...
so, gentlemen ... enlighten me!

else Rogue Trader general thread

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One of my favorite.

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