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>So what's the actual punishment entail then?

How the fuck should we know, it's your game.

Do you want us to hold your hand while you google historical references, or just write the whole fucking world for you?

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If the target of a spell is where you are at, does it target the point in space, or does it target you?

If it targets you, don't you get damaged by the spell?

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The correct pronoun would be "shitnugget," for improper decorum.

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sup /tg/

I'm new to DM'ing. So far all I've done is run the adventure out of the back of the 4e Dungeon Masters Guide. It went alright. dragged on for 10 hours though, and the players (and me) got a bit bored.

So the main thing is, I am going to start making a campaign that I will run over my christmas break in about 3 months, and I could really use some advice, tips, words of warning etc.

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Hello elegan/tg/ents, I have a small favour to ask of you. I've been trying to find as many of the core modules for Living Greyhawk in the 3.0-3.5 edition, but so far I've had no luck. If someone could point me to a torrent with them in it that's active, I'd be ever so grateful.

Much love for any help.

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Bump for players.

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Come on, anybody?
I know there are some oWoD players here, someone has to know a good resource page.

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I recall a really strange take on goblins, it was on a manhwa. I forgot the title but they were portrayed as wyverns. I mean really dragonlike and shit.

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Agreed wholeheartedly.

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Let's get back to OP's original question.

The first thing you need for Traditional Games is Friends. The kinds of friends you have will largerly determine what your options are.

>No Friends Tier:
Play Magic tournaments at your LFGS. Or stick with /v/.

>Girlfriends/Strictly Casual Tier:
Get some good boardgames, like Ticket to Ride, Dominion, and/or Settlers of Catan

>Aspiring Nerd Tier:
Try DMing 4e D&D. Yes, the Haters are going to Hate, but it's easy to learn, and a perfectly good introduction to the hobby.

>True Bros Tier:
Sky's the motherfucking limit. You can try any D&D variant, or something weird like Eclipse Phase or Mouse Guard. True Bros are always willing to come along for the ride.

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1. Good evening Gentlemen, I'm afraid I wasn't expecting guests. Oh I see, you aren't here for my company, but for my head? Well well, then let us tally no further. Draw reckless mortals!

2. My secluded mansion

3. A dixieland-esque remake of the "link's awakening" bossfight music.

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Just having some fun cap'n

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I don't know a damn thing about the setting or why any generic fantasy based system wouldn't work, but the answer is still GURPS.

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If the non-Astral Intruders attempt to leave Room A or Room B before rescuing their fellows from the Astral Plane, the Astral Intruders appear at the points in the following diagram, half on one point, half on the other (round up):

o= point Astral Intruder Appear

A= Room A
B= Room B
- = Doorway


They are accompanied with lifeless simulacra, enchanted to appear with their features. Both the intruders and the simulacra appear, for the first few minutes, to be dead. If there is only one Astral intruder, his corresponding simulacrum is at the opposite point on the diagram. Once the first few minutes are up, the intruders are all free to move freely. The simulacra all mimic, as best as possible, the actions of their corresponding intruders.

From there on, you can take it. Throw in an illusion to switch around the facial features of the intruders, make the simulacra actually dopplegangers, make the eviscera a small flesh golem or a bomb, or throw in some ghosts or strange astral creatures. Go to town. My parties always have fun with this trick.

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Yes, but this is comparable to saying "I love books" and then listing off only books recommended by Oprah. I think if you really have interest in a subject or hobby, you should show some personal initiative in your interest.

To make this more understandable to /tg/, it's like saying "Oh, I love wargames! I have 1000pts of pre-painted Ultramarines!"

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All I can really say is kill it with fire.

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