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Unhallowed Metropolis

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Has anyone played unhallowed metropolis? I found it and it looked interesting but wanted to look into it before buying.

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Hey /tg/.

Pic related, I was wondering if any of you had played this and what experiences you've had with the game. The setting premise is really interesting and I'm thinking about picking this up.

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Unhallowed Metropolis, anyone?
Victorian-esque steampunk future world with zombies, vampires and more Frankensteinian villains than you can shoot a Tesla rifle at.

Dystopian fun in a frock coat, my friends.

Look it up /rs/ and enjoy.

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Oh, then you're looking for Unhallowed Metropolis!

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Indie games thread? I have a whole bunch of games I can share with you, and last summer, the threads seemed to be appreciated. Here's a list of games I can discuss off the top of my head.

Unhallowed Metropolis: Victorian zombie apocalypse game.
Hollow Earth Expedition: Pulpy Indiana Jones-style adventure game with Nazis and dinosaurs and shit.
Rippers: Horror game where you're essentially the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fighting a coalition of Dracula, Jack the Ripper and doctor Frankenstein. Also, you can graft monster bits to your body.
JAGS Wonderland: Awesome free setting where an infectious alternate reality is making people go insane.
Starblazer Adventures: Spirit of the Century IN SPACE!
Sundered Skies: Grimdark post-apocalyptic fantasy where the only land exists in the form of sky islands.

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