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>Send Cardiv 1.
>Send Cardiv 5

I'll let the others vote on this since I don't know what this means.

>Send your ship-girls (and ship-boy) submarines for the anti-surface complement.
>Send the two fast-attack subs as the ASW complement.

>Okay Harder, we're giving you these upgrades that the Virginia's have
>Think of it like Call of Duty Harder
>I'm giving you Commando, Lightweight, and Marathon, and free reign to shank the enemy

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What's the secret to making a successful ad in SDLFRP? I try to clearly state what my character is, what I'm looking for, and offer possible scenarios to pique people's interest, but I rarely seem to get hits, and of those I do, even more rarely do they follow up.

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I personally detest puzzles, but I realize that others find them fun and that they can enrich a game. I'm curious as to how you guys approach puzzles in games, both as a DM and as a player.

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This is how I attack of opportunity.

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Natural 20 attack roll.

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No, what you do is pull out your .44 Magnum and Tactical Knife and shank him from halfway across the room.

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fucking knives are over powered

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Natural 20 Jump

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Hm. I'm just thinking I know it's illegal to ship brass knuckles through USPS, and since balisongs are illegal in my state maybe they're illegal to ship through the state? Feh oh well, i'll probably just take a trip to an adjacent state sometime and pick one at an army surplus store.

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"Natural... You know what? Fuck this game!"

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Just another day in MW2

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as far as unarmed goes, im sure it means as in the example of a combatant dropping his weapon and conceding defeat/ surrendering...... while a wizard is not a martial character he is still a dangerous foe with spells and should be attacked accordingly.......if you are in doubt do the bad ass knight thing and demand that they surrender
pic unrelated

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Sneak Attack N20

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