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gods, what have the mods wrought?

a sticky with new (-ly enforced) rules. a ban on meta-threads. you knew /tg/ would not respond well.

soon, only the people in favor of the new content-nazi rules will remain, and /tg/ will be worse off; for now that they have come for the blatantly obvious, what will be next to irk their ire? I would not be surprised to return and find only w40k and dorf fortress threads left.

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>First time visiting /tg/
>This thread has more posts then any other thread

Sooo I herd you guys like cultist chan?

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You are a colossal idiot or a horrible troll

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Supporting a game by bashing another does not help your cause and makes you look like a 14 year old

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You are both colossal idiots
And I am actually ashamed to say that I share the same imageboard group as you

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Question for all you 40k Bros out there

So I've been thinking of getting into the 40k scene and I have some questions that I hope some of you more experienced players can answer.

So I was leafing through some Codexs (Space Marine and Tyranid) and I was wondering if each group inside such faction plays different to other groups inside each faction.

For example: Black Templars are all about Melee and all that good shit while Ultramarines are all-rounders. Now is this just lore wise? Or would a Black Templar army lack ranged combat in a tourny setting?
Same with the Tryanids. Would Hive Fleet Leviathan play different from other Hive fleets because of all the Ork DNA they are consuming?

Or am I just looking too far into the lore?

I would ask someone at my local GW but it seems there are none in my state (Arizona) D:

Any help would be awsome

Pic related: Its me trying to figure this shit out

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