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Have lots of monstrous squiggs makes sense, if they die oh well, were orks we eat overwatch like pros. Problems is we dont make it to overwatch range anymore.

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>my gob when no orkz in dis thread


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>Predator is sent on a hunt
>ends up on an Ork held world
>finds the biggest, baddest quarry
>it's fucking Ghazghkull

How fucked is the predator?

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these guys

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so supposedly on Saturday my group is starting up a Only War campaign this has me excited, was rereading The Guants Ghosts series anyways this makes me super jazzed

GM says we are making a regiment rather than a boxed one so i want /tg/s thoughts

**Also Only War General
tell me your stories

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I know you can have 7 in a 2K+ game. Why you would want that many I'm not sure.

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One thing about Orks that bothered me.

Why do they use power Klaws instead of fists?

You have to open your hands and grab stuff with the claw, while a fist, you just press forward. Simply put crab claws are not the most violent and simplest weapon to use in battle, then why are Orks using it?

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Yes true, but I'm trying to figure out how Green and black would look against sand. It's not working in my mind. If you can show me a good example that might be the route I go, I just can't picture it.

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>Roks fall, everyone dies

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>the inquisitor just laughs and pulls out a master-crafted plasma gun and shoots the guardsman in the chest killing him in one hit
>"YOU FOOLS, THE ONLY REASON WE'RE HERE IS TO FREE HER" the inquisitor screams and leaps over the table
>initative goes to the assassin then the techpriest
>The assassin headshots her, or he would have until her rosarius shielded her from his shot, they both run like hell as soon as combat starts, and they manage to get away (techpriest with a mobile tread and the assassin with fuck high agility)
>the whole crew erupts with lasfire and fighting and the hybrids fight the remaining crew, they both take a stray laz bolt or two, not slowing or stopping for anything

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Even the more serious aspects of ork lore are just metal as hell. A race of fungoid warriors who born knowing how to fight and literally reproduce by killing each other and everything else in the galaxy, giant war behemoths made from scrap metal and the desire to kill being so strong that their very god manifests himself in meatspace and literally stomps on your foes for you.

Just look at some of this art and tell me it isnt rad as all hell.

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Rolled 79


The Emperor protects. Make sure to pursue them when they break to run, they might lead us someplace... interesting.

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Is it even possible to break Ork "spirit"? They seen to enjoy the fight under nearly any circumstances...

Anyway, give Crais your blessings. If Jager thinks it's a good idea, have him take a team to explore those tunnels. It might be that Orks know of the metro but avoid it for... reasons unknown.

Should we take personal part in the suggested counterattack, or we could perhaps load up into drop pods and deploy should an opportunity for the Greater Awesome present itself?

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cause and effect, holmes. you farted first

How many forgeworld units do you see in a tourney these days? Be honest. Me? my decimator is a pricier, av13 forgefiend and my proteus is a fun toy, but they don't win for me like i'm some kinda unstoppable rich bastard. I've never seen a guard army fulla sabres. I've played the mortis before. I dropped it in assault. it kept trying to rend my oblits, but it failed. i shot a few points off with melta and charged it turn three. Game was mine. He also had a spartan. it ate lascannon. 5 hp gone in one shot.

I fear riptides and dreadknights more than any FW model.

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I swear, this is the last time you'll see this scene.

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Contribootin' boss.

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