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Bet you weren't expecting this.

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So I have a theory, in 3.5 the dorf people do not have movement penalties for lots of armor at all.

So would that mean if you put on armor for a dorf he is 100 the same as if he had no armor, would that mean you can use that to get around the monk class where it tells you very specifically that you cant put on armor because it affects movement, and because armor does not affect dorfs could they pull it off?

No dm would ever agree with it obviously and for good reason, but I would still argue its technically legal

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Videos that are /tg/, preferably comedy, but if its /tg/ and you want to share please feel free to do so

I bring you, SPACE HULK

ep 1


ep. 2

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And Leandros is masturbating to the Codex Astarte.

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Let's play heresyhammer! As we all know, the two lost legions were incorporated into other legions. Most of them ended up as ultrasmurfs, but for the sake of my purpose, some of them were incorporated into other legions. Specifically Word Bearers and Imperial Fists. Since their lost primarch had a thing for worshipping the Emperor as a god too, they fit right in with the Word Bearers, but had to keep their cult secret within the Imperial Fists. Secretly, they kept contact throughout the Horus Heresy, and became a major warmongering force behind BOTH sides. Actually, the whole corruption of Horus is a plot by a lost legion to further their agenda of turning the Imperium into a nazi theocracy ran by their puppets. High Lord Goge Vandire was a hero intent on exposing them, so they made up ridiculous propaganda and finally had him executed. In return for freeing them from Vandire's influence, the Sisters of Battle are in cahoots with the Templars.

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the longest ship there is just a bit longer than the Imperium battleship in >>26660837

don't even mention Space Hulks

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>There is no Python in the future
Guess who you did not expect?

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I'm GMing Dark Heresy for the first time tomorrow, and just realized that I haven't decided on which Inquisitor the PCs work for. What kind of Inquisitor have you had in your games? Radical? Orthodox? Something in between? Have you used custom Inquisitors, or used the ones in the core rules?

Also, general advice to a novice DH GM would be welcome.

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>Half the back-history of 40k is a fucking Dune reference.
The other half is a Monty Python reference.

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Any advice on finding miniatures of any given thing? Specifically ones intended for painting? Particular words I should be using in my searches? I'm having a hard time finding totally-not-________ models, and quite frankly I wouldn't even know where to start.

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Ah, inquisitor Who I presume. We are your retinue, here to serve the emperor though your will.

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>Open image
>Turns 90 degrees clockwise

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Remember Grandpa Dreadnought. Remember Ruby Quest. Remember Scriptarius, may his Finnish soul DO EET over and over again.

Remember Touhougate.

Nostagia thread. The good, the bad and the ugly of past /tg/. Not the porn please, I suspect that it killed the last thread.

>Edward fcasedt
No captcha, not the tripturds.

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Dear /tg/

I'm going to be playing my first Necromunda campaign. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for a gang list? Starting points of 1000 preferably Crawdor lists.

Otherwise Necromunda general thread?

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heil Doenitz and hte glorius 12 year reich!

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So much want...

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This is how I Inquisition.

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