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why not? these are great!

Here's one as a bump OP

Its also my warlocks patron

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O K I understand its no simple feat, nor should it be easy by any means. I also understand that it is completely up to the DM and his setting and rules on it. BUT I am curious, outside of 3.5 has there been any 5E God killing taken place?

My rogue due to a complete transfer from 3.5 to 5E has had the opportunity to change himself completely and he recreated himself as a Warlock due to the story/setting allowing it 1 time. The Gods have abandoned the world for over 200 years, and due to my patron (pic related) giving him powers he had developed a massive want/need for more power.

TLDR: In short has anyone killed a God in 5E (or attempted) and how did it go down. My DM might let me try if I live long enough.

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