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Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here good sir.

No matter how much the denizens of /tg/ may think /tg/ has changed, and no matter how much /tg/ has actually changed.

The mindset of the average /tg/ gentleman remains unchanged and will argue and debate tirelessly about old standards versing new standards. Despite the standards of the board remaining unchanged since /tg/'s conception.

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The problem I gather is that you are not being assertive enough in your politeness.

You see, those door to door gentlemen are not there to respect your belief, they are there to sale and advertise a product for consumership. You have to stand your ground good sir. And firmly tell them you are not interested, fold your arms, hold the door tightly by your side. Body language is also very important. Any hesitation in your voice or any sense of openness in your body beckons them harder to persuade you. And as soon as you finish your No thank you, close the door, but gently not to show disrespect or ill will.

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Yes and mind became distracted with other thoughts, before I had time to change the post.

I honestly do not know why so many gentleman regard me as a epitome of verbose and elegant speech, when in fact I am the manifestation of imperfection and disaster on this board.

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how does nobody else seem at all interested in this? it seemed so grandly clever!

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The problem from where I see it, is that all of the homebrew projects or board related community games we commonly played have largely became circle jerking sessions.

You notice the new drawfriends we have, Technomancer? and God Emperor of Man Kind? they blatantly only talk among themselves with other name and trip friends they have addressed off board. And above all, they rarely speak openly to anonymous at large when addressing constructive criticism of their art. Favouring doing request offered by other drawfriends then the common gentleman.

Or how when most of the newcomers post here to proclaim their projects, they feverishness bump their own threads every few minutes, and express utter disdain and hatred when /tg/ ignores them. Never comming back. Or when projects are commonly being carried out, only a very few people actively have their voices heard, and most of them carry names and tripcodes.

This is only the case for the very newcomers we have, most of the old guard, such as Sciptarius or Wasteland Warrior, B&hammer kun and Deathleaper Fangirl, dispite of their little faults, remain staunchingly open about their crafts and projects to everyone.

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Good sir, we may not be able to make a difference in the entirety of the internet or on 4chan as a whole.

But at least we can try to make a small difference on our little board.

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Unfortunately for you good sir, I do not think, males can breed with other males.

So your plan is flawed from the very beginning and is doomed to failure.

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Oh yes good sir, you can in put sage in the E-mail field when you start a new thread.

Although to do so is rather redundant.

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I respect your opinion despite disagreeing with it.

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Truth be told good sir, if no one has posted the picture you are seeking. Then chances are, the people who have saved the image and the person you are so affectionately looking for are not online on this ungodly hour.

My advise would be to begin the search anew at a later time. Or simply keep an eye out for future trap threads.

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But good sir, if we are banned then how are we able to post?

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Then perhaps, good sir, you should carry your research someplace more appropriate, preferably a place where the people can be identified.

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I am quite aware of it, good sir, however I am simply stating that Yu-gi-oh might be cheaper then Magic, it is only cheaper by a slight margin.

It will still cost you a small fortune if you wish to buy every single popular and sought after card to build the best competitive deck that can counter and offer solutions for almost every possible situation.

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Oh good sir, I have already done that earlier today.

And trust me, you will still feel empty and unfulfilled.

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None of the rage material presented in this thread so far has induced me into anger good sirs.

I fear I am far too desensitized by the internet to rage at silly image macros of ridiculous things people have done in the excuse of stupidity and utter retardation.

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Can't the same be said about you, and how you don't seem to know how to stop responding to me?

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