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>thread about halflings
>instantly becomes pedo joke
>two anons end up arguing about bell peppers
No matter how many years pass, I hope you faggots continue to never change.

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Exactly. It's not so much a problem of SJWs or /pol/acks alone ruining things, it's both of them deciding that they have to argue about it everywhere even though neither side will ever really relent and the arguments inevitably go nowhere.

It's like these people never had grandparents to remind them not to talk politics at social events.

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This seems pretty normal for /tg/, tbqh

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The main difference is that it was smaller. People got shouted down a lot easier, and there were less alpha nerds who decided that arguing involved screaming at the top of their lungs anytime someone disagrees with them in 'their' thread.

And no mod. Having to spend months calling Mootles to ban fucking jim profitt. The good shit is still here, but there's just more regular shit. The sergal trolls are now sjw trolls. Etc.

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Isn't that a big part of being a /tg/ frequenter?

I mean, unless you're here to read stories about That Guys, game sessions, or find houserule gems that might fix things in your game. Or lore discussions. Or the times when thread discussion gets derailed into something wonderful and perhaps even informational.

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Sounds like Elf players in general.

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We ramble instead.

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Listen, it was either this or I read up on Constitutional Law. I made my choice, and I have no regrets.

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Welcome to /tg/, anon.

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I was about to post the 'you made one of the classic blunders' image but fa/tg/uys are apparently contrarian enough to insist on replying seriously to the thread anyway

No matter what the thread is, it becomes a serious discussion

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just for you

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The OP was good, but we got sidetracked. Pic related

That was the point, it was parodying all the other brown shooters by showing just how horrible it is to mow down hundreds of men when they aren't just faceless nameless NPCs.

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Sorry, bro. We generally try to make our giant derails interesting or at least hilarious. Pic related.

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Oh hey, do you have one where a comic book nerd in the WoD gets embraced and instead of angsting over his immortality and super-strength he becomes a superhero called the Crimson Bat?

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