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I do not agree nor do I whole heartily disagree.
We do not know enough about the man.

HH novel Know No Fear reintroduced Ollanius the Pious as a retired Guardsman on Calth, and he was contacted by John Grammaticus who show'd OP vision where Horus had slain the Emperor.

Ollanius is part of the Eternals or was it Immortals, which I have gathered so far as lesser collection Shaman souls, where Emperor was the greatest concentration of those souls.

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I've saved every picture worth saving of the Emperor I've seen.

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Plot-development wise I like the idea of the Emperor "dying" and the Imperium fragmenting into multiple empires and kingdoms.

The Astronomicon is still there or maybe the Eye of Terror is used as a new beacon so human space travel is still possible. The breakdown of the Imperium allows Orks and Tyranids to go batshit and then the lesser races we haven't heard about have a chance to step up a bit more. It would be a bit like the Dark Age of Technology.

And just like after the Dark Age of Technology a mysterious warlord will rise up and begin unifying mankind once again.

In the game you play as the remnants like Ultramar, Adeptus Astartes Fiefdoms, Ecclesiarchicy Popedoms and AdMech Bloks plus all the aliens but in addition to the ominous threat of the Tyranids and Necrons there is this familiar guy at the other edge of the galaxy burning a path of destruction towards Terra.

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It saddens me that Malcador, The Emperor's Bro, is so often forgotten.

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I'm not seeing Arab.

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Time to make an Inquisitor? I believe so.
1d100 for the Gender.

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Psykers use marijuana so they can sleep without crazy ass dreams

An angry Tau can actually be very threatening in melee

Last known location of the original Mona Lisa was in Malcador's room

Alexander was still remembered in history during the Great Crusade.

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