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Crossdressing Minotaurs with crab claws, apparently.

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>Comparing epic miniatures to 40k miniatures
The "new" keeper of secrets shown there is the third edition keeper of secrets.

The "new" lord of change you posted is a 3rd edition model, the fourth most recent 40k lord of change, the "old" one is again, an epic model, not a 40k model and newer than the actual oldest lord of change model

You're fucking bad at this, here is an actual old keeper of secrets for you.

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Also, this will always be what a Keeper of Secrets looks like to me.

I like all depictions of Daemonettes. The sexy form is what their magic illusions appear as, the disgusting beasts are what they actually look like.

But the Keeper will always be a cross-dressing minotaur. Because why the fuck not.

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