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... BUT! Not in the way you think it is.

Think about it a moment.

When Orks believe something it happens, shootas shoot because Orks believe they do.
Red ones go faster, because they believe it.
Orks love nothing more than a good fight, right?
They believe that fighting wars is best times!

So... What is the current state of the 40k universe? Constant, unending, war. Ork Psychic powers are responsible for it! They believe that there should be war, and they are willing it to exist everywhere in the galaxy!

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Naomi steps forward, syncing her mind with the Xenos mechanism and discovering the true location of The Righteous Path. Walking out of the Sky Mirror, the group comes face to face with 6 orcs, who immediately stop at the sight of these strange gits walking out of their building. Blacktoof in a show of Orky Brilliance immediately walks up and postures with the best of them, saying he is da biggest and da 'ardest Ork on da planet. One of the Orks backhands a gretchin to make him go get da boss.

A few minutes later Orks begin streaming out of the jungle, hundreds of them. They are lead by a hulking Nob named Facecrusha. He walks up to the crew and demands to know who da git was dat finkz 'ez 'arder dan FaceCrusha da Great, leader of Da Bloody Skullz and soon to be Warboss of da whole planet, brandishing his power klaw in the process. Bloodtoof in his dumb dumb Ork way wants to Intimidate to get him to step down and give them a trukk to get off this planet. What follows next is a back and forth Yo Mamma style battle between the two of them for da energy of da WAAGH! Extended challenge degrees of success adding to the total, degrees of failure subtracting them. If they come up with an original point, +10 to the test, another +10 if you have a prop. Long story short, blacktoof comes up with points dealing with Kaptins, Shipz, Religin',Dakka, and being bigga an' 'arder dan Facecrusha. Facecrusha for his benefit is good, but my rolls were fucking terrible. My rolls were shit all night, making this even easier on Bloodtoof.

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Sup /tg/, long story short: I wrote a rules-light ork RPG and I wanted to share it with you guys and maybe get some critiques etc. I tried this yesterday and got nothing. Figured Id give it one more shot. Ill start buy just posting the PDF of the rules, then Ill bump every hour or two with explanations of core mechanics.

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Citizens of /tg/, two nights ago I accidentally took some amphetamines and wrote a ruleslight Ork RPG system. I humbly offer it up to you, and ask for your criticism, comments, and potentially complements.

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Orks have got to be the most interesting and at the same time most amusing fucking Race in Warhammer.

I cannot even begin understand why they aren't just the main characters already.

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I come to you /tg/ for advice can you tell me if it's wort to to buy an ork army consisting of: 1x Ghazkghull Thrak, 1x Warboss on Warbike, 4x Warboss, 1x Big Mek w. Shokk Attak Gun, 1x Big Mek w. Kustom Force Field, 5x Stormboyz, 7x Deffkopt, 2x Battlewagon, 6x Killa Kanz, 3x Kannons, 20x Gretchin w. 2x Runt-herders, 3x Dakkajet, 25 nob w 6 Power Klaw, 16x boys w Big Shoota, 1x Boy w Rokkit, 4x Mekk, 23x Lootasów, 10x Tankbustas w 3 squigs, 9x Burnasów, 1x Trukk, 52x shoota boys, more than 160 slugga boys, 6x nob bikerz, 11x Meganob, some bits and 2 Ork codexes for about 15,79 USD? Some of the things listed above have mods.

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Are there any 40K books on orks at all? They've been my favorite faction in that setting ever since I came upon it, but everywhere I look it's either Imperium or Space Marine books. That's great and all, but I would like to see the orks represented. I love xenofiction and stories that are told from the perspective of the "traditional bad guys", and orks are both of those things. Books with either of those would be great too, if there really isn't anything orky.

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Hey guys. So I have been thinking into collecting a 40k army and by the looks of it I would have the most fun playing the orks. Any advise on how to build an ork army?

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I dun wunna play no stickin' orcs


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BAH! Da worst yous bugs do is make me clean me trukk of your splattered bits!

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Hey /tg/, ive got a tourney tommorow. Im playing orks, ork thread, to get me pumped. WAAAAAAGGHHHHHHH

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Love it.



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What about the Orks?

The only thing I know for sure is that it'd be a LOT more fun to watch the Orks fight the BETA.

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The lore is really interesting so the novels I find very good.

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>until it remembers that it's main goal is to get rid of humanity

Mutate all of humanity into Orks. Plant more ork spores everywhere.

The beast will eat us all, then spend the rest of eternity looking for the lost human prey it holds so dear. Meanwhile we happily fight his immune system with delight because "We'z iz now Orks! Waaaaagh!"

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Also ork thread I suppose.

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I have been into D&D and Pathfinder since freshman year of highschool, and on a whim this break from college I started reading a Warhammer 40k book, and it is amazing. I really want to start getting into 40k but I am not sure where to start table top wise, I have never played a game like it I have always been more RPG table top based. All of the factions seem pretty cool but I really like the Orks (I like melee based units) Though Chaos seems cool too if they have alot of casters.
I was thinking about getting the Ork starter set, but it seems they don't really make it anymore. But I know I can get my Pathfinder buddies to play with me if I get a set with two arms. Thoughts?
or just Ork and Chaos General, whichever

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From SA, I clipped the fluffy bits of a battlereport.

The Defence of Outpost Defiance

Ash blew in streaks past a pair of standard issue imperial visors, shaking in the hands of private Powell.

“Do you think they’ll come, sir?” the Guardsman looked up at Librarian Gabriel, clearly barely able to speak in the presence of the Terminator Armoured behemoth. “Do you think they’ll attack us? I heard they wanted to get to the spaceport...”
“They’ll come, Guardsman,” Gabriel replied in a low voice. “This Warboss is different... cunning. Emperor willing that will make no difference.”

Gabriel was one of five Marines to survive the planetfall at Outpost Alpha. Captain Cassius and Librarian Anduriel had been grievously injured, and three suits of Terminator Armour had been lost. The rest had been barely recovered and in total six venerable brothers were dead; an unaccountable loss in the face of the enemy. Inquistor Xavier, who Gabriel knew was on the planet, was furious.
Yet amid the political backlash of earlier skirmishes, Imperial intelligence had displayed another twist in the already knotted fate of Myranus VI. While orbital footage showed the green bulk of ork infantry marching on the spaceport, hazy trails of smoke betrayed a cunning new move doubtless initiated by Warboss Grimskagg . Fresh from the enslaved imperial factories, an armored convoy was pushing relentlessly towards the final outpost of Myranius VI; established early in the war as a research facility. Already the forces of man were evacuating all civilian elements planetwide into the waiting arms of the Imperial Navy ships above, including the prestigious Forward Unto Dawn, the Raven’s Repentance battle barge.

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