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2E cadians were more like the colonial marines than a modern analogue.

Lacks the hotshot, though. Mind, the Last Chancers are neat models so its all good. Even if it bothers my inner autistic fanboy when people just stick unconverted characters in armies they don't belong.

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I kissed my mom plenty of times

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Shit, that's what I get for not refreshing>>29806685

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This question is impossible to answer because we don't know the lengths of deployment or service for guardsmen.

So, if you're a guardsmen that's part of a regiment that constantly gets sent to pacify Imperial planets with shaky loyalty, and you only have to serve for 10 years then your chances of survival might be great.

But if guarsmen have to serve for like 30 years, and you're part of a regiment that's past deployments have been to defend a planet against a hive fleet invasion, defend cadia from a black crusade and then to invade a Necron tomb world then you're fucked.

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Hammer of the Emperor, coming through, watch your heads.

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You are now painfully aware that GW will never release Guardsmen this badass again, and that instead, we will get nothing but armies of Rambo and special ed football helmet wearing Canadians.

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Gentlemen, please, let's just put our ballistic panels back on our crotches and stop the dick waving contest and settle this with a rousing game of pieplate the orks.

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You had me going there for a second. Good job.

Old cadians is best cadians.

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Use 3rd party mini's and you can make a kickass looking IG army for far cheaper than using GW minis.

What about IG interests you? Tanks, infantry, planes, artillery, a little of everything?

What kind of regiment you looking at? Vostroyans, Death Korps of Krieg, Valhallans, Steel Legion, etc.

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>Space Wolves

Awww how cute, he thinks he's people...

Actual soldiers reporting in. You furfags going to do some fighting today or are you still humping your dogs?

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Cleansing thread of xeno filth.

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Can't tell from thumbnail if this one is or isn't IG related, I'm too lazy to move all of the images I already have into a separate folder from the rest of my 40k images

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Only War General? Only War General.

How have your campaigns been going, /tg/?

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So I need some advice.

I want to GM a game of Only War with some friends of mine but they have never done a tabletop roleplay before. The problem isn't that I don't think they'll enjoy it, it's the setting. These guys have never heard of 40k before. So I'm trying to find a good way to explain the general lore of the 40k universe in the least amount of words as possible and to try and lasso them into the universe.

For me, just hearing "Here's a game you get to play as a guardsman of the Imperium" is enough to get me excited, but how can I get the same reaction out of someone who has heard of neither a guardsman or the Imperium?

tl;dr: How to get someone excited about playing Only War who has never heard of 40k

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Original Cadian master race reporting in.

I think I've got a few more pics somewhere, I'll see if I can find them

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