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I cut my RPG teeth on Palladium. Over the years I learned that the system is a hack of AD&D and BRP at its core. Gave me the idea of going back to formula and invent a better wheel for myself.

So what is needed to make an OSR-style Rifts game? I think it primarily comes down to power sources. Rifts has magic, psionics, cybernetics, and futuristic weapons & armor. It also has a wide array of races and classes - many unique to it. I think such a homebrew would only need to provide the means to designing your own rather than try to supply you with everything.

So which games can bring these to me? Here are the ones I'm eyeballing at the moment:

*Labyrinth Lord (Magic, Fantasy Races, Primitive Tech for Post-Apocalypse)
*Mutant Future (based on Labyrinth Lord; Mutants, Post Apocalypse)
*Stars Without Number (Aliens, Psionics, Future Tech)

Does that sound about right to you guys? Anything I'm missing? Are there alternatives? Should I bother hacking the skills system of BRP into this or should it be used as a way to customize classes?

Furthermore the classes from the component games doubtlessly need revision. For that matter the Rifts classes would need to be assimilated as well as used to inform the design of such a hack.

Where would you go with this? How might you approach this idea? Any help, advice, etc is appreciated.

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I would be joining an on going game but not sure what exactly they are doing. Haven't gamed with the group in some time and thought about just a surprise visit and having a character ready to go.

That said, and knowing the GM and group, they are probably running a pretty high powered game. So I am sure short of something absolutely insane there wouldn't be much issue playing whatever I wanted.

Figure if anything I would roll up or so characters of varying power and see what fits best.

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Rifts: If RPG settings were designed by Luca Turilli.

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Can we all agree that, as it stands, Rifts is the most metal game without being carefully crafted to be such.

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What do you like best about Rifts?

I love the cyborgs fighting magical monsters part. Having played D&D for years I've always wanted to dismember zombies and dragons using my bare fists as a cyborg commando. Childish dream, yes, but Rifts lets me roleplay it.

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Sup /tg/. One of my friends recently came into possession of a bunch of Rifts rulebooks, and we're both eager to play. However, from what I've seen the rules are fucked. So, my question is this: Does anyone know of some decent homebrew rules?

Also, Rifts general

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I recently got into rifts, and i have talked to my GM. I am going to play a cosmo-knight on a mission to earth.

ITT:Comments and general Rifts experiences

Pic related

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its rifts?

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I want to destroy your desire to ever play RPGs again.


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I have a fucking Splurgoth-lover in my group.

They're so fucking annoying. I was hoping to avoid having one in my group, but there's so many of them these days that you just can't avoid them.

He's always talking about how Atlantis has the best culture in the world. The only equipment he ever uses is a Staff of Eylor, which he claims is the best Megadamage spamming weapon ever designed, and he refuses to call his class "fighter", instead referring to it as Kinnari and expecting NPCs to react to him differently because he is from another planet.

He probably worships the slavers and wants to have sex with Abnormal Intelligences. He needs to stop trying to insert Splurgoth shit in a campaign setting that has everything crammed into it, and he needs to take a look at himself and understand that it's fucking weird for a Coalition States guy to get all misty eyed over such a retarded race, that fucking soul-eating prick.

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Hey man, fuck you. Giant gatling gun snake would be the perfect enemy for the sentient whales in power armor.

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Hey /tg/.

Today, I would like to hear your opinions on RIFTS.

No, really.

What makes it good? What makes it bad (besides the crunchy as hell system)? What kind of experiences have you had with RIFTS?

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RIFTS would like to have a word with you.

And yes, RIFTS is fantasy. No. Shut up. It is.

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Alright /tg/ let's get some comedic creativity going.

Bumper stickers you'd have in your games. On the back of space ships, carriages, horse drawn carts, cyberpunk motorcycles, etc.

I'll start

On the back of a CS Death's Head Transport:
"If you can read this, you're under arrest!"

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