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I was ok with him IC threatening to kill me because the dagger was inherited from his dad and was apparently a nice dagger. Not magical or anything, but nice. I was not ok with him actually planning on doing it though. Instead of bitching about it I resolved to do something about it IC, since that's how RP should work. No one is going to just allow themselves to be killed.

Anywho, we arrive at the shop and find them gone, along with dude's sword. Druid is so enraged at this point she wildshapes into a bear. A big bear. Rolls to track them and crits it, so she's off like a shot with the rest of us following her. We find them at a bar, combat ensues. AB has a flute that makes anyone who hears it Frightened of him if they fail a Wisdom save. I fail it, which is a shame. The elemental I summoned does not, which makes me giggle. He plays the flute, and then, while I can't approach him, he walks up to me.
"Give me the stone."
>Oh, I'll give you something. Thanks for moving into range. I hit him with my magic brass knuckles.
These fuckers were extremely expensive because they take my fists, which do d4 from tavern brawler, and turns them into 2d6+everything else. Both fists. Bard went right before me and hit him with a paralyzing spell of some kind, giving me advantage which canceled out the disadvantage of being frightened. Clobbered the shit out of this guy. On my elemental's turn I direct it to restrain him or gently tap him. It crits and wallops him into negatives.
Meanwhile the druid has CK on the ground. The bard was able to hit him with the paralyze spell as well since it was cast at higher spell slot, so she knocked him over, put a paw on his chest, and roared in his face. He may or may not have peed his pants.

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