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Reporting in.

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No fair trial for these jedi who have sacrificed so much fighting in the clone wars? And some of these jedi are even human too.

Does your empire know no reason or justice?

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>The only reason capitalism 'works' is because the true victims are invisible to you. They live in former colonies where workers rights are practically inexistent. This allows the capitalists to exploit them in a truly awful manner. This is why the revolution has to be international.

This is where you are wrong, capitalism does not exploit them, the problem with the plight of third world nations is far more complicated including social, geopolitical and cultural stigmas.

They are poor because they are isolated from the capitalist system, their goods and services cannot compete on the stage and they do not possess the means to produce, consume or serve. Humanitarian aid has greatly reduced poverty and tragedies of these miserable peoples, but the heart of the problem is still there, in order for them to be profitable they need capital, however they are massively in debt and because of their destabilized environments no world bank or world power would loan them the resources to get started, nor are they capable of sustaining the organization and hindsight required to become profitable due to the already stated environment.

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To stir and shake a bowl of muddy water will only make the water dirtier and murkier. Let the bowl be and the mud will set to the bottom; clearing the water.

Elucidate no response and there will be no problem.

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A game of go good sir? I apologize but do not know how to play that game.

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Here's for the board veterans who have weathered many storms and many a foul troll.

Do you remember this gentleman?


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How it is my fault good sir? The total number of my posts barely scratch the top ten percentile.

Look at the number of trip, draw and name friends that pollute this board with their ideas and imagination they're footprint on this board is at least a hundred times greater then mine?

Or are the gentlemen of this board so shallow and superficial that they honestly let one person posting perhaps one every few months to ruin their entire fun?

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You're forgetting Happy Negro and Cockmongler from your image alone.

It pains me to see a despicable furry such as myself know more ancient memes and history of a board then its long time posters.

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Always going after the dysfunctional boards I see?

Not ask /vp/ too, we made an excellent pokemon homebrew in their honour.

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But a warrior should live his life as if today was his last day.

So if today is your last, what would you be doing?

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Elton John's "Its Tough to be a God" from the Road to El Dorado soundtrack.


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The true strength of the Roman Empire is their magnificent infrastructure their roads, buildings, architecture and almost modern military training and payment, conscription systems/policies and speed of mobilization, so what if you can defeat an roman legion? Within a few short months you'll have few more legions breathing down your neck. Not only will they come after you, but they will build walls, ramps, siege weapons any form of fortification to give them a superior tactical and strategic advantage.

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I know I am, however my time is short, and my personal businesses unending.

And of course as a token contribution to this so called rage thread, so here is a video of a anthropomorphic fox playing Warhammer 40k for the first time, with a workshop grognard coaching "her".


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Quite frankly, the edition wars was sealed only in with the DnD fanbase, of course their threads went rampant, but in the long run it did nothing to jeopardize /tg/'s overall well-being.

Enlightened anons simply ignored the petty conflicts and continued with their daily business.

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Well good sir have you ventured into a Magic: The Gathering thread? One not about custom card creation?

Almost none of the gentlemen in there follow your general well thought out rules.

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No regrets, a good wife, a faithful son, and the admiration, company and love of your blood descendants.

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Mayhaps you're right good sir.

Mayhaps I really need to move on with my life past the encrypted trappings of this anonymous image board once and for all, and leave you enterprising upstanding members of society to own immaculate devises.

But unfortunately for a being as despicable as I, lacking all morals, intelligence and communication skills indeed living in a basement of all places to boot, crave the hate and rage carried by your posts and replies, for it sustains my insignificant internet ego.

The only thing I have worth having.

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That reminds me of a even older /tg/ saying, when all argument are spoken and all pictures have been re-posted, the only alternative left is to post porn.

Sadly I don't think the new more sensible /tg/ has the bravado to do such wanton acts of carnal desire intentionally with no regrets.

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Then pray tell dear OP, give us an example of a proper meaningful discussion you wish to indulge in.

As they say, when everything meaningful is said and done, we turn our attention to the meaningless.

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Tis a most acceptable grade my dear anon, for I had no expectations at succeeding at all.

Why if I had the chance to evaluate myself, I'd already failed many times over to incite hatred and to trolling such brilliant untrollable gentlemen and paragons of humanity such as yourself, and all the creative geniuses that make this online community such a towering prodigal utopia among fecal filthy 4chan boards.


You might as well splice in a sergal somewhere in that mishmash of fetishes and canon. And delve deeper into the rabbit hole we go.

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Lyla is very powerful backrow removal tool, you can spare running one fewer MSTs when running 2 or 3 of her.

Replace your vanilla monsters with 2-3 Rykos.

It would help that you in the long run if you increase your monster count with more swarming cards and XYZ fodder, and reducing your spell and trap count to contain only the bare essentials. To reduce the odds of milling that game breaking pot of avarice, dark hole, heavy storm or what have you.

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Depends on what you mean by being serious good sir. I merely commented that a person who is constantly exposed to publicity is more careful with his or her words subtly more so then a person who is not.

Every sentence and phrase is scrutinized and evaluated to be politically correct and assertive towards promoting the military branch in question.

To the point where they do not sound or appear serious in nature. But very enthusiastic with a air of confidence and high self esteem.

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Good sir Hitler did sire children, 4 of them believe all of them bit the cyanide pill, administered by their death destined parents.

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Trying to humor you for an response good sir. No more and no less.

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