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Maybe someone here will help me out. I have found an author called James Rollins, which published several books called Sigma Force series. I`m not interested in the books themselves, they don`t seem all that good.

But I`m curious about the things that cause conflict and motivate the stories. I might be mistaken, but they seem good material for making a modern day campaign based off Delta Green, maybe. Thing is, I can`t find good spoilers to learn what those things are. There are hints of ancient advanced technology, secret societies and prehistoric parasitic wasps, among other things. The author has a sort of free lorebook called Sigma Guide on his website, but it still avoids spoilers.

What I want is, does anyone knows if the macguffins are actually good material for a rpg adventure? Or if it is worth it to read thousands of pages of what seems to be mediocre technothrillers to get the details, if there are any at all?

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