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It really depends on neck strength.

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Okay, OP, you're a fighter, so you're strong. She's an antipaladin, so MAD. You can do this!

Get a Helm of Opposite Alignment. It's a cursed item, so it should be cheap. Get your lame cleric to buff you with Bull's Strength. Proceed to grapple the bitch. While you're grappling her have the cleric and 3rd guy remove her helmet and put the Helm of Opposite Alignment on her. Hopefully your DM will at least find it amusing enough not to call bullshit on trying this. Then when she's Good she'll join you and help you get rid of her evil army.

And if that doesn't work just put the helmet on yourself. Maybe she'll let you join her army, or at least you'll get to fuck with her about how now you're more evil than she is.

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