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>Those mold lines


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>mfw a TV program from long ago utterly demonized LARPs, telling people that it's no difference from being a cult and what contributors "live in Dreamlands never to return into normal life" and they need serious help to save their minds and money from equipment and training.
So, such people who think that way still exist? Have anyone met them?

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I'd say that you were being 2edgy4me, but I can't even comprehend your post.

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>Male Dragon rapes clone of himself.
>Fathers a child

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>Heavy Weapons Squad 1 – 65pts (Mortar, Mortar, Autocannon)

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They did the same thing for her when she was in the same situation.

If I get even an inkling that they're not playing fair, I'm not going to continue this character and roll a new one.


It's pretty open-ended. If we want something, and can provide even a flimsy reason why and maybe how it should work, then we can get it.


Actually, the only problem is that while she's used the system and aristocracy to gain her power, she's all about civil rights and helping the people, actively seeking to get legislature passed that favors social reform, and in general, putting large amounts of money into the economy and helping people wherever she can.

The people love her, it's the higher ups that don't like her, either because they know she's not all she seems, because of her radical positions and actions, or just because she's a woman richer and potentially more powerful than them, or a combination of reasons.

While my superiors don't want me involved with her and have taken an uninvolved stance towards her, they'd love to see her out of the picture. Same as with Spain. They're only keeping her around because she makes people happy and supportive, and because she's given them a new heir to raise. Also because she's kept her fingers mostly out of their business.

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>thousands of headless and armless human bodies with Imperial Wagle tattoos are found roaming aimlessly along the arched streets of Commorragh's Vault District, moaning, staggering and bumping into each other before being put out of their misery by Hellion hunter-gangs.


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Theme: the ecstasy for gold-Ennio Morricone
BBEG: The end-Jame Morrison
Climax: Raspberry heaven-Azumanga Daioh

Oh fwhat the fuck...

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