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The machine gods of war have arrived.

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Standard Template Construct.
A 'how to' guide for human colonists
Colony under attack? Need light artillery support to survive? The STC will explain all of the steps needed to make an Imperator Titan.
Need a knife? Need the most fully optimized combat knife that can exist within the constraints of space-time? The STC will explain how to make it.

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Cut the EVA's power cord and it'll run out of juice before it can do too much damage.

Not hard for an Imperator to do since they can level spires pretty easily and it took most of a titan legion 10 min to bring one down even after they took out the void shields.

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A super-heavy with 7 primary weapons, capacity to be a mobile bunker, and a mess of both structure and void fields.........that's just obscene.

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Sorry about the bad formatting last time I tried this. Anyway.. Here's what I have so far for a game I'm running next week, with 6 players [3k a piece], with me being a variable, as well as 'board' rolls.
Objective List
Main [Defense]
- Hold at least 2 buildings [Possible power generator sub objective]
- Repel 75% of enemy force
- Disrupt Enemy Leadership [Bonus for Close Combat]
- Wreck at least 2 Titans
- Kill 50% Troop Choice
- Maintain power to gun batteries +3 turns
- Disrupt incoming Variable 30%

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Also, an Emperator

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Warhounds are the only titans with much speed. Imperators are just sluggish, but with as much firepower as they have, who's going to get in their way?

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>If I saw a Titan in real life
>saw a Titan in real life
>Titan in real life

Do you see the problem with your logic?

Take your average Guardsman, dime a dozen kinda guy. If he where to come across a Ork titan I doubt he would laugh at how much of a waste of resources it is.
His reaction would be more along the lines of "OH SHI-" after seeing it wipe out half his regiment.

Its all about moral. The Orks ACTUALLY believe their titans are the embodiment of Gork/Mork. How much harder would you fight, faster would you charge, braver would you act, knowing your Gods are right there on the battlefield with you?

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They can try................But they wont succeed

Pic related

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Anyone who plays epic knows that while Titans are kool, they're over hyped, over stated walking bullet soaks. I blame Black Library for this shit.

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bumping like a champ

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