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>Curiosity used to sing happy birthday to itself on Mars.
>it doesn't anymore because there's no point

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>he still has hopes for fires of cyraxus being released

someone else break this man's heart

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We don't deserve All Might.

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It's been fun, guys.

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>it was a reprint
>guay will never work again for wizards

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>my group is setting up a meatspace meet with a decker they've never met
>figure I'll throw in a twist
>meet at some public library, the runners are fucking awful at blending in
>perception check to see some indian dude with a deck glancing nervously at them
>"man this decker is fucking awful at subterfuge"
>go over to pajeet
>glitch on perception
>no one notices the deck is tier 4 korean garbage with buttons in the wrong spot
>decker had paid a hobo 10 nuyen to sit in the library and wait for someone to contact him
>party face when they realize it was a hobo all along and they got m night shamalamadingdonged
they didn't even follow the hobo 2 min down the block where the real decker was

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Aldous, just read the rest of the story, all the way to the end. It was beautiful man.
We have our comforts, I have my books, she has her dogs, and above the fire, on the mantlepiece, sits a small, stuffed toy.
And that anons, was Britbongsteros.

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>That fucking NQ Skorne Story

Boys it's time for EPIC ZAAL.

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>when you paint a mutant's skin and it looks like cheesecake

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>mfw Towergirls is dead now.

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Don't remind me. I'm thinking to start a brand new IH army to take these bad boys as allies

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>Mfw because of work and sleep I missed two princesses, one of which was the one I was most looking forward too (moth).
>because of work again I'm going to miss more.

It hurts Gats. I'm probably going to be on the minority here, but could we slow down a bit?

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I feel your pain, brother, but we'll probably get neither.

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I suffer from vitiligo, OP. It's covered most of my face at this point, so people won't notice it unless I point out that the things they thought were freckles are in fact my actual skin.

I can't go out in the sun for longer than a few minutes without my skin going dry. An hour, and I'm basically guaranteed a nasty burn. Two hours and I could be in serious trouble. Sunblock does fuck all for me. And I have in tripled chance of developing skin cancer within my life.

And I live in southern california.

So yeah, I'm incredibly tired of it, and I'm giddy that others feel this way too. Thank you, OP.

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>Phantom Menace or RotJ
>not Clone Wars

Did you try to watch that shit ? is so childish that I couldn't get past the 3rd episode. Also

>mfw all the EU is now non canon when some parts of it were 10 times better than any of the movies

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you monster

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You just broke my heart.

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DH, my character is responsible for the unwarranted extermination of a Schola Progenium and it's inhabitants.

Also an entire planet, but that wasn't as negatively received.

Contemplated suicide as a result.

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This doesn't scare me any more. What have I become?

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