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i just recently joined and am enjoying myself.

you may pledge to the gods, pvp, and a land grabbing system that isnt stupid and can be undone with war!

praising nurgle and shit

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I certainly would, but I can't find it anywhere sensible for my location.

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An ability to give Marks to vehicles. And legit Iron Warriors (making Obliterators elites instead of Heavies) and Word Bearers (some special Sorcerer summoning random numbers of daemons for every enemy squad slain?). And T 6 Typhus.

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anyone remember back when black library sold pins, badges and necklaces?
where can i get some of those now? specifically a nurgle pin. tried e-bay and nothing came up.

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Alright /tg/,

I want to make a campaign for WFRP (2e).

Problem is, I've never DM'd before. I have no idea where to start or how to start.
So I throw myself at your mercy. Educate me, please.

Also WFRP general, cause it's pretty rare for /tg/ to talk about it for some reason.

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Foolish mortals.
Embrace the love of Papa Nurgle, for he is the only one who can save you from this wretched existence. Let him bless you with his gifts of pox and pustules.

Also Hi.
I'm glad someone wanted to make a rival XD
I'm a tad jealous that you rolled better for your Champion, but I think my group made up for it in followers.

I can help by rolling and rules clarification if you'd like, Vvaraak?

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Warband Beliefs, D100
1-20: Gods Above All
21-25: Hail Horus
26-35: Remember the Ancestors
36-50: Death to the False Emperor
51-60: Suffer not the Weak
61-70: Daemonhood is Godhood
71-75: Power demands Sacrifice
76-80: Battle is Glory
81-90: Accept Any And All
91-99: Do what you, for an Astartes is Free
100: For the Emperor

Chapter Status, D10
1: Endangered
2-5: Slightly Understrength
6-9: Slightly Overstrength
10: Massive

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Hey /tg/ quick question. How many sides on the scatter die are the HIT roll?

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Praise Papa Nurgle!

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>Blasphemous Crystal of Muck

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>It's those themes, of slow and inevitable decay, of the sheer pointlessness of fighting the inevitable, that the 40k universe is set against.

Nurgle approves

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Oh you little fucker. Don't do that. Otherwise Papa Nurgle might get so sad that he wouldn't even want to spread the love.

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I got tired of bickering over non-existent deities ages ago and just decided to worship one who is globally considered fictional: Nurgle.

Then when people complain I tell them to stop persecuting me over my beliefs.

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Hey tg, I'm confused, I get that Nurgle removes fear of death and all that from his followers. Does he remove their pain, and everything else too? Cos that's a pretty sweet deal if he just makes you smell funny for immortality; not so much if he fills you with disease and you are aware of rotting from the inside out.

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Nurgle approves

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That's pretty Nurgle, bro

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I'm seeing little differance other than physical between The Horned rat and Nurgle here. Anyone care to explain what makes them two seperate entities?

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When you embrace and accept the futility of your existence. Nay the futility of everything. Love, hate, peace, war, politics, money, nationality, race, everything, you obtain a the greatest of freedoms. Freedom from worry. For when you are free from worry, you are also free from suffering.

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Nurgle thread! post some good pics of death guards, great unclean, etc

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Fine then since the OP is (supposedly) bad then I'll give it a shot.

In this galaxy filled with despair and hopelessness, who can we turn to for respite? Not Khorne, for he will abandon you as soon as you show even a modicum of weakness. Not Slaanesh, for his heart is a fickle one and you will be tossed aside as soon as the next new toy makes it's appearance. Not Tzeentch, for he always plans for his own benefit and never your own.
Not the God Emperor, for he will destroy you if it will further his plans even the slightest.

Only one power can help you. Only one being WILL help you. Papa Nurgle. When all others have abandoned you it is Papa Nurgle that stays faithful. When the weight of the galaxy crushes down on you, it is Papa Nurgle that will give you the strength to stand. Papa Nurgle offers you the greatest gift in this sad, lonely, and miserable existence of ours. A comrade, a friend, and the happiest and most loving family in all of creation.

And you might ask "what is the catch?" Surely this must require some form of sacrifice? Well of course all things require payment. But Papa Nurgle asks for a simple one. All he asks is that you spread the same love and camaraderie that you feel to others.

So... Care to join the Family?

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Despair all ye nations, deny not that we're sick.
For our blood is like water where once it was thick.
And our minds have grown leaden, our bodies gone weak,
And vernom pours from our lips whenever we speak.

Despair all ye nations, for the time draws apace,
When the rot of the cynic shall steal our good grace.
And our sweetest of dreams shall fade to lost hope,
Our pride and our arrogance; our noose and our rope.

Despair all ye nations, see the years drawing on,
Our great cultures are fading and soon they'll be gone.
So conceited our scholars, they jeer through their teeth,
With their theories so shallow - Quite soulless beneath.

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Let their hearts rupture with boils! Offer their rotting carcasses to Grandfather Nurgle and their widows will weep like fresh sores! Death and despair finds all living things!


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