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Just a random DE list I threw up for giggles, comes together at 1749.
Haemonculus w/ Shattershard - 65
Archon -120
-Combat Drugs
x3 Incubi - 131
-Venom w/ splinter cannon
x4 Trueborn w/ 4 blasters - 173
-Venom w/ splinter cannon
x4 Trueborn w/ 4 blasters - 173
-Venom w/ splinter cannon
x10 warriors - 160
-Raider w/ splinter racks
x10 warriors = 160
-Raider w/ splinter racks
x5 warriors w/ blaster - 125
-Venom w/ splinter cannon
x5 warriors w/ blaster -125
-Venom w/ splinter cannon
Fast Attack
x6 Reaver Jetbikes w/ 2 cluster caltrops - 172
Heavy Support
Ravager w/ Night shields - 115
Ravager w/ Night shields - 115
Ravager w/ Night shields - 115

Haemy chills in vemon with archon and incubi, hops out and wanders around, hopefully melting a special snowflake or two, while the archon runs around killing big tac squads(very prevalent where I play), everything else is pretty self explanatory.

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Every time I see [system] d6 I keep thinking it's going to be based on the old West End D6 system, the one used for Star Wars D6.

And every time, I'm let down horribly.

I hate you all.

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I want to hear stories c'mon gents! Surely some warmagerds have something or perhaps some 3.5 D&D shenanigans

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/tg/ really loves to eat it's own shit.

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>Put in name
>comes out as Funeral

Well, shit.

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Goddamnit, no.
The BAD Engineers in the metaphor above are the ones who are so shaky in their own designs that they simply copy others or that they make up some arbitrary standard. This is the type of guy who builds a shitty deck, can't beat any real challenge, and then plays against 10 year olds and feels great because he is playing a "challenging" deck.
Any GOOD Engineer would understand that they won because of X, Y and Z, and would understand that losses could occur because of A, B, and C in the same mechanically sound deck. He would be testing the deck against others of its caliber, even if that meant going 0 and 10, because that's how you test and improve your models.

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>Hey friends, I heard of this cool format for Magic, you want to try i-

>lol sounds like gay shit for homo retards

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My point exactly.

They have all this BULLSHIT


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>Worked a lot in high school
>Fat stash of cash been bailing my ass out at every turn with
>That feel when my safety net is running out

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Doesn't mean that he did not die fighting. Robots can be rebuilt.
At the very least, he could have been disabled and repaired.

The statement "He died fighting" has never been contradicted directly, you are simply speculating that he did not finish his fight.

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>George Bush
>Neutral Good

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After much discussion with my friends, on warcraft and 40k fluff, we came to an agreement that one of them is salvageable and the other is a hopeless train wreck.

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>cutting your hand open by yourself without medical supervision
>putting in MAGNETS


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I try to kill my players as much as possible and fail every time because I abide by reasonable limits for things.

I'm the worst DM.

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>OP doesn't want it

>OP asks for how to make a space shuttle in D&D
>There is a system existing within D&D involving space flight

It isn't hard to modify existing rules to create a more accurate to the space shuttle spelljammer ship. It's much easier and more cogent than creating seperate ones for something that already exists.

Alternatively, you could just play one of the many games that are actually designed around space travel. Traveller is one that's quite good with it.

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Alright, 13, on the chart of spiral power that puts me at...
>Rossiu-grade spiral power
Fuck's sake.

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2efags, get in here. I need help.

I've been thinking about how I would run combat in 2e and it occurred to me that there isn't a well-defined system for representing stuff like positioning on an actual table without dipping into Player's Option Combat & Tactics. There is no grid or scale recommended in the core rules for handling movement, though there is mention of facing and spell areas and the like. I could use the C&T system, but that's designed for use with the rest of C&T, and that'll bog down my combat with all kinds of 3.5-style shit.

What's a good scale/grid system to use with core 2e? I have a shitload of 4E dungeon tiles, so I really just need a "one square equals X feet" conversion to go with that makes the thing fit well on a table.

And before you ask, I'm not convinced 1 square = 5 feet will be suitable, given that movement rates in combat are measured in tens of feet and the average is 120 feet for a minute-long round.

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the fuck?

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>MFW your form is all off and you're missing a kigo and solid kireji anyways.

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Why does no one take the Dragon-Blooded Exalted seriously?

We can do things too!

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but why?

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>assuming magepunk isn't just steampunk with a different color

No. Magepunk is retarded shit stop liking what everyone else doesn't like.

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Note to self: ebay exists
Thank bro, I'll-
>clay: $3
>Shipping to Europe: $18:50

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