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Axe / Black Mace made the most sense to me, but the mace isn't allowed because "you're obviously taking a plague-curse themed item because its OP" and axe is out because "axes are 1handed and a scythe isn't".

Typhus' daemon weapon is unwieldy, so whats wrong with an axe?

This is the thanks I get for NOT running nurgle bikers, nurgle spawn or any heldrakes. Sometimes I just want to go "fuck it", buy 4 drakes, ally with a black legion list and BURN THEM ALL

But then I stop, because that's not how Mortarions boys play. It's NEVER how Mortarions boys played.

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>The faction with comparatively mediocre numbers and by far the worst technology after orks

>yfw the IG are the largest and most diverse army in existence and DAoT technology is easily at the level of Necron and Eldar

Xenos scum.

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>Play Dow 2 Ret
>IG vs IG
>See enemy Commissar
>Send Catachans against him
>Catachan : You are not the first commissar I killed today
>mfw traitors in my regiment
>mfw I send them all to their deaths.

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you dare change the design of the original standard issued guard bayonet!? I smell HERESY!

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>Playing DOW 2 " RET
>IG vs IG
>My Catachan sees the other player's Commissar Champion
>Catachan : You're not the first commissar I killed today
>mfw treachery in my regiment
>mfw I sent the Catachan to their deaths and never used them ever again

Fuck the Catachan, murderous scum they are!

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You are incorrect Inquisitor. Nothing is a stain on the Emperor's good humor more than bad puns. For allowing such Heresy to slide, you have allowed yourself to be infected with Heresy.

Prepare to meet the Emperor.

As for you...>>21826096

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