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Part 1
>Be 40k Noob trying to still learn the ropes since 6th.
>Sign up for League to learn and to get into practice more.
>Third match.
>Meet up with competitor.
>Ask 'hey, are you ready to set up?'
>'Not yet, just have to make my list.'
>"Make my list."
>Already, Non courteous. I already have a pre-made one. It's a damn League.
>1250 points. Big guns never tire.
>It's space marines vs space marines.
> He has the new 8th edition codex.
>"You have the new codex?"
>"Yeah. Haven't asked anyone if i'm allowed to use it or not. But If it's there, It's fair gain.'
>Only damn codex out.
>Luckily, I am also marines.
>Use the codex anyway cause screw it.
>My army is 4 troop choices, mostly tacs stuffed into rhinos, 2 elites including a dread, Captain and chaplain, Assault marines, devs and predator tank with auto cannons.
> He brings a stormtalon gunship, three tac squads at 10 each, sergeants have powerfists and storm bolters all around, Two rhinos, Rowboat Giurlyman...and an apothecary was added in while I told him about my army.
>Set up.
>mainly he is in the middle of the table. So i counter act by positioning my devs in a secure spot, pread out of most sight, Scouts on an objective, rhnos in dread on the mid left ready to push in and lastly, Assault marines in reserves for more options.
>He puts mostly all the tac squads in front of RG and stormtalon to the left.
>The battle ends up being that he is using 30 tac marines surrounding RG to utilize the re rolls for hit and wound. He tries to just charge up the middle. I am positioning things around terrain, making use of specific attacks from weapons, command points abilities form the new codex, and baiting him to come to me by maneuvering squad out and in with rotation.
>He just uses the stormtalon to annoy my tank and absorb shots and runs up with the 30 marines shooting at whatever they can.
> I kill 23-ish marines in the end (a few multiple times) along with the stormtalon , wound RG once and a rhino.

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>Your face when your cousin surprises you with an IG tide and Valkyrie spam

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>3 Leman Russ, a Pask, two veteran jungle fighters, two chimeras, two scion command squads, two other scion troop things, and two Taurox Primes.

Jesus Christ, does he already have a sizeable army? Is it his birthday and christmas present?

The jealousy is real here. He better love it.

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Counter Ambush: As important if not MORE important than ambush. What happens when you suddenly come under fire? Well, there are three main methods in use.
>European:When ambushed, take cover and return fire while sending troops to attack the flanks of the ambushers. Counter this by encircling the troops that are to be ambushed completely on at least three sides, so as to make flanking impossible and bottle them up.
>Rhodesian: This method comes from the Rhodesian conflict. Ambushes normally took place in thick jungle, and it was near impossible to accurately shoot back at an ambusher. Solution? Fire in volleys that slowly work outward, focusing on hiding spots and brush, which ensures no spot big enough to hide in is unharmed. The higher powered (.308) rifles that were common in this conflict made this an effective method. This is called Stand and Destroy. How to counter this counterattack? Back the ambush up with artillery, or kill officers coordinating volleys.
>American: Simple, Direct, and Deadly. When ambushed, give supressive fire (fire to keep the enemy's head down, and make them undergo a difficult (-20)pinning test) while your comrades charge the ambusher's positions. How to counter this? Set up claymores and explosives facing outwards from the ambusher's position and towards the patrol. When the patrol tries to counter, they will be blown apart.
In all of these methods, it's imperative that the ambushers leave before any fire support can be called in. Actually, if it's possible, have ambushers work as spotters for fire support(Artillery, Air Strikes) that way there is no chance for a foul-up.

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