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renegades went from being awesome tier in 7th with fluffy special rules, to a gimped imperial guard army, theres literally no benefit for me to play my traitor guard as traitors anymore, im toying between running them as normal imperial guard or death korps for my next game.

Feel completely gutted that an army of over 100 infantry, each model being converted, is now shit tier. At least in 7th, i could run purge and get chem munitions, or unending horde, and have respawning infantry blobs. Now i get no benefits and generally worse stats than normal imperial guard.

I guess people can say i can take stuff from forgeworld or some daemon/chaos stuff but its just not the same, i like my guys to just be heretical human forces not full on warp altered.

Pic related is directed at GW for killing formations and killing my army

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please be trolling. If your serious you really need to tone down your autism man, part of the fun of playing PNP rpgs in my experience has been using my own new set of dice for every game i play over the years.

Your seriously taking the fun out of something thats meant to be fun

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>female space marines
NO. As everyone else in the thread has pointed out, there is a valid reason there are no female space marines, and they need to do more stuff with Sisters of battle. And if they really have decide to do that, why can't men be sisters of battle? What, you think that all women should have vaginas?

Also, source or I'm calling bullshit.

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No. Not again. Never again.

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>List tailoring
This is why I loved telling random faggots at the store I was bring X then show up with a random Y list and made and saw the look on their faces. The one time I faced a Tau faggot that said "I made my list to kill marines" Only to table him with a basic Vanilla Rhino list made me so hard

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>Opponent playing only skimmers
>Doesn't leave any room for non-skimmer vehicles to move around
>"It's a city fight"
Don't do this.

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>Cenobyte Servitors
>Because those were the COOLEST FUCKING UNIT IN THE BOOOOK. Servitors carrying around ancient relics 'n' shit'n'shit.
Fuck you.

>captcha: humandM escaped
He did? We better catch him.

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Final base before the fun times.

The Tau DMZ

It really isn't a DMZ, but its called that because calling it the border where everybody has a fuck ton of weapons pointing at each other.

Anyway, you land on the Tau planet, and your general mission is split into two parts. Firstly, convince the Tau to add you in your mission, including the local Vespid/Kroot forces. And secondly, find out why you never see any humans more than twice.

First one is easier to do, and links into the second one. The Tau forces must be presented with evidence of the Necron's rise. If you've done the Eldar Farseer, she confirms it. Despite this, they tell you to kindly fuck off and fight your own god damn war. Of course, this is where the second to last companion comes in. An older Tau warrior commander is prepared to go mercenary for certain reasons, but needs you to eliminate certain machines around the settlement to do so. Do that, and you get a few teams of fire warriors, many squads of battle suits, an awesome military commander and a brand spanking new Tau ship for your fleet.

The second companion is the Kroot Shaper and his Vespid buddies. They want out to, since many members have been disappearing without a trace. You eventually trace them down and discover a terrifying reeducation camp that is brainwashing various aliens. Get them out, along with the humans, and you now have both the Kroot warriors and Vespids on your team.

The second half of this is to provoke an uprising within the settlement. Or you could sell the rebels out and get the Tau in your debt, your choice.

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>no barb

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You're damn right I'm a hater. Pic related.

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>want to play DH so fucking badly
>no one plays here in this piece of shit mid western town
>we don't even have a game store
>im pretty sure im one of the like 5 people with a computer
>want to play online
>when I tell them I don't know how to play but really want to learn and don't mind being railroaded to hell I just want to play
>they tell me lol no

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>guy who browses /adv/ and /tg/


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Get out

/tg/ is for gaming topics too idiotic to live on any other website,, because sometimes something hilarious comes out of the shitstorm

Nothing of value ever comes from attention whores and their followers, therefore they should be reviled and cast down from our sight

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