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Druids aren't about Good vs. Evil, they're about Right vs. Wrong.
Is it right for a Bear to kill another thing in order to feed/protect it's young? Yes.
Is it right for a bear to do the same to sentient/intelligent lifeforms? Yes.
Is it right to kill a bear for doing/attempting either because you're biased towards the thing it's trying to kill? No.
Is it wrong to protect a living thing from something else because you care for it? No.

So while a druid may have a hard time killing said bear for either transgression, they will readily use their magic or ingenuity to scare/lead/ward the bear off, and maybe even help it find an alternative food source; a win / win situation.

Druids aren't a hivemind either. There are druids of all kinds of alignments and dispositions. Some would jump into help complete strangers, others wouldn't give it a second thought because 'rules of nature.' Don't feel locked into being what the stereotype/hard-letter definition of a druid is.

Develop the character as you would any other, and then decide if they're a tree huger, game warden, forest enforcer, civilization hater, abomination hunter, etc, based on who they are, not what the rules insinuate a druid has to be.

RPG "rules," especially ones dictating how a character behaves, are really more like guidelines.

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Bushido is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.

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Bushido is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.

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