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It's pretty damn impressive, especially if you also know the lore behind it. Pic related is another red mass destruction spell with some pretty heavy flavor text.

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I quit MTG recently.

A few weeks ago at FNM, I was playing for the top place with a regular, and when I was about to beat him, he pulled a loaded handgun out and placed it on the table and asked me to reconsider. I told him that this was fucked up, and he told me that David Sirlin teaches players to take every step in their ability to win their games. The LGS owner called the cops and he was arrested, and I've been asked by the local prosecutor to testify if I need to.

There's something about this hobby that seems to have gotten worse over the last few years.

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If we're going full penis, we gotta go big.

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I want to run this card because it's really cool. How can I make discarding my hand somehow NOT suck, or at least suck a little less? Should I even bother trying?

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Ayy lmao

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Is it just me, or is MTG going down a bad path when it comes to removal?

Let's be blunt: Theros block sucked in regards to removal. It also sucked in general and is the reason why I've stopped playing Magic over the last year, but that's not the reason for this topic.

Previous blocks in recent standard history always have at least one playable 2 mana "destroy target creature" spell somewhere in them. Whether it's destroy or exile, the point remains. Examples: Terminate from Alara, Journey to Nowhere from Zendikar, Go for the Throat from Scars of Mirrodin, Victim of Night from Innistrad, and Dreadbore, Abrupt Decay, and Ultimate Price all from RtR.

The best 2 mana kill spell in Theros is arguably Last Breath.

Looking at 3 mana kill spells doesn't improve the picture much. Lorwyn had Unmake. Alara had Maelstrom Pulse. Zendikar had...nothing, actually. Scars of Mirrodin had Dismember, and that's assuming you weren't paying the 4 life to cast it for 1 colorless. And Beast Within if you didn't mind the drawback. Innistrad had Liliana of the Veil. Return to Ravnica had Putrefy and Detention Sphere. Theros has Hero's Downfall (which is really good to be fair, not calling it bad or anything) and Banishing Light (a shittier version of Oblivion Ring that doesn't work well with bounce spells unlike the original).

This is ignoring the occassional 1 mana kill spell, Path to Exile being the stand-out example. And no, Chained to the Mountaintops sucks now and will suck even harder once shocklands rotate.

If Khans of Tarkir doesn't have a 2 mana kill spell worth playing, our good removal won't kick in until turn 3.

Oh, and the possibility might very well be that we may NOT have a 4 mana wrath at all next standard.

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If I have mana floating around after I cast Apocalypse I can still cast my commander as long as I have the required mana for it?

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