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"Humans are average at everything" has become grossly annoying to me.

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Oh god I can imagine the shitstorm in the long run

The fact Felica pulled through her catbeast form to help Peter, a guy she hadn't even known for a year.

Let me reiterate, her love for a guy she knew for a short amount of time broke the mental conditioning that allowed Peter to get back to the past

So Gwen finally captures the thief in the end, and Peter fucking looses it with what he went through in the future.

Plus Stella probably doesn't realize the beast was Felicia despite seeing it.

The shitshow will be glorious

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It's true that you cant do much more than recruit armies and invade. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's simple... You need strategic thinking, creativity and a shitload of intrigue to master the game.
But the fun you have also heavily depends on who you play with.


>winning 5 games out of six

How did the others not start teaming up on you after you beat them more than 3 times. Or are you just a smooth talking bastard?

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Since this is now an EDH hatethread, fuck "politics." It's always some asshole with half his combo ready begging you to reset the board.

I've stopped negotiating altogether.

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I like 'em too. Less than oldcrons, but hey.

I feel like a lot of the newcron hate comes from the fact they they are a wildly different army than oldcrons, in fluff, gameplay and aesthetics. Old crons were unceremoniously killed off like a red shirt in star trek, and that upset a lot of oldcron players. Even if newcrons were flawless in every way possible, people would be upset because no matter how much you want to love your new puppy, you'll always miss the one that just died.

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Is there a feat in Pathfinder that allows a character to wield a two-handed weapon in one hand? I want to make a gunslinger that utilizes a tower shield, and fires a rifle through a slot in it. Any suggestions?

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I have playeed this board game 5 times so far.

First thing to tell you, your dice will scratch off all its paint in just a couple of play throughs and you cant replace them with normal dice since there icons are rather different. However they will have a program online you can find easy to roll dice for you based off the game. (Just google it when your dice get ruined)

Also there are 3 difficulties and they go like this

Easy: Is actually Very Hard Mode
Medium: Marines cant win.
Hard: Marines can't win and will punch the Enemy Player in the face

Also Mission 1 is EASY for the marines and as the Enemy player you will think you are up for a really crappy adventure....but then Mission 2 comes and thats where the marines weep, and if they can manage to get to mission 3 (This is if you have done Easy mode, any other mode will have them die at the cyber demon at the end or melt to the acid pools surrounding him) then they will have NO supplies and 1 health each and will die at the first spider rush.

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There's a larp that uses decks of card purchased with points like in wargames.


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>looses game.
Nigga do you even fun of the game?

Captcha:thomas howebrap.this is now your name.

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Make sure the captured vampire is secure in capture and just star drinking blood in-front of him while insulting the size of his penis.

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An excellent plan.

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I don't want to say "X-COM Princess Quest", but...
Who am I kidding, I DO WANT to say "X-COM Princess Quest".

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>this entire thread.

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The GM however can see the whole picture. There's a few roleplayers I have met I would actually be willing to allow them to decide their own rolls every now and then, but the majority of them sound like you

"waaaah, the GM cheats so I need to cheat!"

The GM's building a story that needs certain things to happen. If a major event fails because the party were amazing, then sure, enjoy the victory. If it fails cause of a stupid dice roll, then yeah, I'm gonna ignore that, let the event happen barely without as much gusto as it would have initially happened, but still let it happen.

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the difference is fairly negligible.

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So /tg/, I'm working on a fantasy setting and I wanted some input on it. It involves dorfs, aztec elves, roman gnolls, and pirates, among other things.

Would /tg/ be interested in hearing about it/giving input? Pic unrelated, but adorable.

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Alright guys, going to start a brand new Cygnar army, as a complete and utter noob to the entire Warmahordes series.

What should I get?

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Yep, ask Cain. We might have a rescue mission to do.

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strange ,cus his name came up in fuck huge font in the cinema advert ,then again i suppose it makes a mediocre jump and scream horror look more appealing.

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aside from the MLP guro part, that is essentially me

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