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>I'm gonna pass all my saves, and so is everyone within 10 feet of me!

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I agree that they shouldn't be opposed to each other, or at least not how DnD typically does it, for two reasons;

1. For DnD, you usually end up with a class or two that ends up being baller at social interaction no matter what because one or two of their combat abilities are keyed off Charisma, so that's not a designed-in tradeoff, it's only a tradeoff if you want to play the wrong class.


2. Forcing that split results in the practical problem that it encourages certain party members to just shut up during the half of a session that consists of non-combat. This disengages them from what's going on, and I think it's better to minimize time that players spend being bored or unengaged.

So ideally it would be best to make those build choices not compete with each other and have a separate "social class" for every character. But that's an idea well outside the scope of 5E so I'll just shut up now.

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Depends on my mood.
>Sword and board, can diplomatically talk his way out of any tense situation, will die defending his companions or innocents type paladin
>two-handed sword wielding, will threaten anyone who gets in his way, will die crusading against heretics or elder dragons type paladin
Either way, there will be smiting

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The actual political model used by fascist countries (to my knowledge just Italy and Germany.)

Far right, state controls means of production, democracy is non-existent, ultra-nationalism. A handful of other interchangeable bits and pieces.

The particular pieces I'm looking at are the removal of undesirables of the state. In that case it'd be literally evil people and monsters, forced to either actual re-education or what have you.

Would Auschwitz have been less evil if it was for vampires?

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After a few moments of silence Eva managed to stammer, "Wh-where exactly did you find that pattern, Sir Knight? "

"I saw it on several portraits of old family members. Why do you ask?"

"It's just… nothing never mind. Thank you for the gift, it is quite generous."

At this point I began to put two and two together, "Eva," I asked, "exactly how close was your family to the royal family?"

Eva stammered out something unclear about not being too important but was interrupted by Uliana, "Lady Eva, in a better time, would be seated on the throne of Omrachena Zemli."

While I had suspected that Eva was higher ranked than she let on, finding out that she was still suprising. In hindsight I suppose that I should have seen it coming, but at the time I had suspected that Eva's family was merely an important part of the royal court, not the central focus of it.

"I'm… I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know what to say…"

"It's fine Sir Knight. Its in the past anyways."

For now at least I thought to myself. Instead I told Eva, "It's not your fault that the Vsevolod family betrayed your own. There's no reason that your family couldn't return to power."

Eva walked over to the window and sadly looked outside, "To do that I would need another noble family to nominate me. And where would I find that?"

I made eye contact with Lady Uliana and quietly mouthed the word "later" at her.

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Rolled 35, 45 = 80 (2d100)

>Carry the torch into the darkness, my brothers and sisters.

The Knights of Soldis crusade across the island, in search of other denizens in need of aid or smiting, or other resources to advance the empire.

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LE Crusader who will do all within his power to take revenge against certain tribes of Savage Barbarians. Of course he doesn't see himself as an asshole for advocating the wholesale genocide of a certain ethnic group, just a man doing his duty. Generally a pretty OK guy in the party but he's a ruthless son of a bitch when you get him mad.

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Knights? I can do knights.

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Stay quiet and wait.

Now that we have confirmed that he steals girls souls you see why I said wish route was a foolish idea. If monster finds out what she did in order to get her wish this way she will, WILL fuck us with all her might. She will also witch out, Remember what happened to Caster in Fate/Zero? Yeah, he pissed off the church.

I will repeat that, he pissed off. The. CHURCH! So your plan will also result in Executors up our ass or every other fucking surviving master coming after us all at once eventually. Do you want to fight Kotomine or Ciel? Because I know I don't.

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>The Endless Calling of the Glorious Lord

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An elf calling a human dainty is like a halfling telling a horc he is weak. Also what we lack in longevity we make up in breeding.

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I thought so too. It fleshes well with warlock actually. You just need to workout how to take the robot masters powers after you defeat them with your DM.

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Be as strong of will and body as you possibly can, never falter in your beliefs, and fight for justice and against evil at every turn.

Much like succubi, evil angels will inevitably see you as a challenge to surmount, a vessel of purity to taint with a drop of corruption. They will then attempt to seduce you away from the light of Good and Righteousness.

This is, of course, where you counter-seduce them by refusing them in spite of their gorgeous looks and tempting offers, forcing them to fall in love with you and ultimately turning them over to the side of good as they see how utterly incorruptible you are.

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>implying magic users have rights
All true power comes from God, heathen.

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