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Hey, where does /tg/ get their WFB army books from? A lot of the links on /rs/ seem to be dead.

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>No need to worry, you said.
>My Vorpal Sword would decapitate that easily, you said.
>Shut up and start casting

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>Enough is enough!
>I have had it, with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking Plane.

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I use Octgn, but I wouldn't recommend it to you unless others can't be used. Its a bit buggy/slow but does the job.

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Why yes! Yes, I do! I've also got some non-monstrous ones I'll inadvertently post, because most of them are in my "beast" folder for PCs

Save for the ones that are in my "BEAST" folder for monsters. Those are fuckoff huge. Let's start with those.

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Step 1: Grapple a head.
Step 2: Climb a vertical mile.
Step 3: Sever head.
Step 4: Repeat for each head.

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Sort of makes me think of the monsters from Lost Planet, mostly from all the glowing orange.

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That.... feels like a bad idea. Splatbooks and all their retarded add ons are what break 3.5/PF. My munchkin plays to "win" roleplaying. He builds characters to eliminate challenges, which ends up eliminating tension for everyone else. I know this is a player problem, and one day I'm going to have to sit and talk to him, but out of game he's a close friend, and he's not going anywhere.

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28 has been posted

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I personally don't find 'Oubliette' to sound all that epic, considering what it is supposed to be the name of.

About the maze: even though mortals now use it to dispose of unwanted people, several thousands of years ago it was used in a similar way, but instead it were gods who used it to get rid of enemy gods. Rumor has it they still do.

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New GM here, my husband has been a GM for years and i'm finally taking a stab at it with our regular group of gamers. I ran one game already from a pregenerated adventure, took Green Ronin's true20 "death in freeport" adventure and ported it to Pathfinder. I'm now about to take them out of Freeport and into my own world, omg so much material. anything i should remember to include when fleshing out an entire continent's worth of storylines?

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A /tg/ classic

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Well its combat is mostly inspired by tabletop skirmish games so there is no grid and you use miniatures (no size requisite but I personally like 1:72 or 25mm).

Each character or creature has nine Stats to determine its non-combat and combat capabilities ( I really like the noncombat stuff I have so I'll just talk about each Stats' combat capabilities). There is:
*Strength, your physical damage and your melee weapon and armor proficiencies.
*Dexterity, your ranged weapon prof.
*Control, you magic capabilities
*Focus, your melee attack value
*Skill, your ranged attack
*Cognition, your magic attack
*Vitality, your physical endurance. you can take a number of wounds equal to your Vit. before you fall unconscious
*Reflex, your reaction to certain weapon attacks and spells. This also determines how many swift actions you may use (everyone uses one standard action per round plus swift actions)
*Presence, which is your bravery and mental resistance to certain spells

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