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Look bitch, I have a high strength, BAB and a lot of hitpoints. That means I could easily strangle you to death and make myself king before your guards could stop me. So as I see it, there are two ways this can end: In one of them, you let me go. In the other, you die. In both of them, you give me all your magical weapons, magical armor and miscallenous magical items. Do you understand what I'm saying, you pompous aristocratic twit?!?

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This was all in response to this thread, but I fucked up, so read that then get right back here.

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>You've lived a hard life. Conquering the elves at every turn.
>But those days are long past
>You are now supreme high chieftain of the now Orcish forest of Langwar
>Thirty-seven sons and thirty-three daughters, all from just 20 wives
>Your eldest son approaches you one night
>"I'm going to marry an human" he says

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>Have an Orcish mate
>Receive ritual scars
>Have beastly, animalistic sex
>Produce Half-Orc child

I see no problem with this. You get Krusk out of the deal.

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>The Barbarian

>100% Combat
The Barbarian is a massive, savage man. In a great battle fury, he might cut off the heads of several orcs with a swing of his greataxe, cut an ogre from head to loins with a swing of his greatsword, or impale the eye of a cyclops with a jab of his greatspear. The path he followed to get where he is now is the one that made him as tough and resistant to falling in battle as any path he could follow. Although he lacks the professional training of the fighter, he was taught to fight by his father (or mother) and has inherited from his ancestors a fighting style that has been modified over countless generations to better encompass 'what does work' and leave out 'what doesn't work'. He has made his own contributions to this style, which he will pass on to his children, by living in a world where he would be dead if he didn't fight well, improvising new tricks when necessary.

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well there's always krusk... tho this does not look very low magic...

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hurrdurr D&D has a canon now.
no they dont. if you look really closely many of them actually wear some kind of armour thats not COMPLETELY pants on head retarded.
all studded leather aside...

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Now it turns out these elves are massive pricks/cowards. They're only going to flank the orcs if it looks like they can win the fight. That never comes up, so the elves are of no help.

So we go to get my stuff back, crossing the river seperating the logging camp from the orc camp using a breath water spell. The gnome and I sneak into camp using invisibility, and look for my stuff with detect magic. Our plan is foiled when we look into the tent of an Eye of Gruumsh (has blindsense).
Long story short, I manage to GTFO with only a chop from an orc double axe and 4 javelins in my back (I know own 4 javelins) and retreat into the river with my allies.
The gnome is captured and put into the position I was in before. He offers his services to the orcs. He gets a mark of Gruumsh on him, forcing him to obey hurts and never hurt an orc. (Cleric removes curse by end of session, but he still gets the Evil Brand Feat for free).
He'll end up using invisibility and fly on some half orcs and let them fuck up the leaders of the camp in the night.

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This sounds reasonable. Can we just have pics of big muscular guys who would be strong in real life? Girls too, if want to put them up.

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I'd get more use out of a greataxe with the equivalent of +10 enhancements on it than I would out of estate of the same value.

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Problem is that most NPCs would be have some ranks in Barbarian....

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OP again.
For the longest time, I could relate. I never even went out looking for groups. But when I learned of my university's nerd club, I knew it would be foolish not to join.

It's pretty cool how they run actually. The story is that we all found out that if you draw a certain symbol on a tavern door, you can enter a magical tavern, with a name meaning 'peace'. You can exit this tavern into any other tavern on our sleepy world, and because of magic, no one can fight while in the tavern. Naturally, adventurers flock to this place, as it provides quick travel and a safe place to sleep. The guy who runs the joint (an extraplanar, flamboyant nightclub owner) makes an announcement every Sunday. Several NPCs (DMs) stand up on stage, announce their problems/quests, then we all sign up for whatever adventure we want to go on.

My DM was doing it for the first time. He promised lots of killing stuff. Boy, he sure did deliver.

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OP here.

I have absorbed what goodness there is in this thread and taken it to heart. I now depart to go the game. Wish me luck.

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OP here: Good work everyone. I'll be back in an hour; not expecting much more, but this is enough of a base for me to come up with my own stuff after a while.

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I'm a worshipper of Kord, so he wants me to take heads as war trophies. Still makes resurrection and undead making more difficult. Will use this argument, may team up with cleric to 'cleanse the evil'.
Culture is not shared. I'm expecting IC reactions varying from facepalming, headshaking and 'Dude, that's dishonorable' to jaw dropping and 'DUDE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!'

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True enough, but in the remaining 10%, we're dealing with weapons with attack radii (while still technically being up close and personal) that make it almost impossible to deflect by positioning. When someone with a greataxe, a dwarven axe, a bastard sword, a maul, a greatclub or a greatsword (which are the only weapons which should receive STR as a to hit bonus IMHO) makes a horizontal or diagonal swing, there's a lot of ground where you can move where he would still hit you, even if he does less damage doing so. So, the ability to swing that weapon quickly (which for weapons that heavy, means being strong) is what's going to be able to overcome your opponent's dodging capabilities.

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And this is what he would look like if he lived in Greyhawk.

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lol i fail here is image

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