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Does Hatred apply to the shooting and assault phase, or just assault?

I may or may not have been totally dicking my space marine friends in the shooting phase for quite some time now.

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Imperium has alot of tanks with better armor than the chimera. But the Tiger is Germany most mass produced heavy and felt like a fair comparison. If anything it should be paired up against the pzkpfwIV as that was the actual most numerous tank the germans produced in WWII. but if were going that route might as well compare it to the m4 or the t34.
The comparison stands though, Thats a Heavy tank vs An Armored Personnel Carrier, not a main battle tank. And The APC comes out on top on all regards except for possibly firepower, which hey, the t34 had sort of the same problems, look how that turned out.

You are correct. But that doesn't stop them from allocating reasorces better spent elsewhere for their own personal power.

>fast reaction
No such thing in warp travel. And in the event that a situation demands imdiate action, are they going to send a ship with 8 or less spacemarines? Because if that can get the job done then it really wasn't as serious as implied. Those ships are pissing all over the navys jurisdiction and have no business being in astartes hands.

> So you'd rather have Marines sit around their planet, waiting for the Navy to come pick them up?
Im not begrudging them their battle barge, or even a strike cruiser or two. But when it gets to the point where they are maintaining their own fleet filled with ships purposed for rolls outside own there arent many other conclusions to come too.

The Badab war comes to mind. To be fair, choas was involved in that one but quite a few of the marine chapters involved remained loyalists while still siding with the Astral Claws.
Spaces wolves. They use their numbers and fleet to routinely tell the inquisition to fuck off. They get away with it because of how many ships they have, the connection to the navigator houses they have, their position as a first founding chapter, and their organization being limited enough to be close to the codex. Thats politics.

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See this always makes me think that more than anything being apart of a legion, even a legion bent on absolute dedication to anyone, means you are forming a band that fight together for a cause meaning they are in fact order. Orderly chaos seems like an oxymoron and the true heretical dedication to the gods would be to say fuck them and do your own thing as a chaotic son of "no gods no masters".

Might just be talking out my ass but it seems funny that a legion works together for chaotic purposes becomes some sort of order which defies the point of the chaos to me.

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One time I was that DM, I hate this one guy/girl I'm in a band with, and she showed up once to a VERY casual D6-lite session I had, it was entirely improvised.

> spent 20 minutes explaining the rules to him/her, because she's a dumb stoner and doesn't get shit.
>over the course of the night, she drinks most of my beer, and most of our snacks, which I don't generally mind sharing if being shared back, or at least thanked
> session starts, you're in a bar, in a tiny town in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, guy with three teeth oggling this person's character, only female character in the party, person gets whiny about being oggled to me as DM, demands I change it
> characters breaking into random shop during drunken shenanigans, character is a rogue-ish type, that can pick locks easily, tries to pick lock, fails, gets thrown through the window by a stronger character, whines about that.
>walking to the next town over, a bigger town, to find more quests, get attacked by goblins, kill goblins, after the encounter she picks up one of the goblin's bows, and argues with me for twenty minutes over what wood the bow should be made of, knowing that I'm a carpenter, and also don't give a shit, and repeatedly tell her that she could say it's made of whatever she wants.
> I end up making it a cursed bow, shaped like two dongs on a handle, she can't unequip it, and now every item that she uses looks like a dong, and also the front of her robe says "cumdumpster"
> she gets so upset she leaves, then blathers on to me about how disrespectful it was at the next band practice

MFW I don't five a fuck.

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Well story and gameplay segregation I guess?

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Friends and I are looking at different table top rpgs to play. Was wondering if I could get some suggestions from /tg/

Currently were looking at: Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, Deadlands, Champions, Mutants and masterminds, and Dark Heresy.

We've played a few Eds of DnD and we want to try to branch out now.

Are there any other games we should be looking at?

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So chaos is stronger than order eh?

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>mfw reading the trials of azrael

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Except she is. Everything is better than Xeno.

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What does /tg/ think of fan fiction?

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I think an air caste tau would make for a lovely waifu. What environment would I have to be in so that me and my waifu could cuddle?

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Yes. Problem?

>privelege shreckt?
>{x} Yes
>{ } no

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Heya /tg/!
It's the anon from the last "I wanna dress up as a cultist and now I'm gonna be a Slaaneshi one cause it sounds like fun" thread.

It was a lot of fun last time so let's continue it, shall we?

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We're apparently halfway done with the manga (he wants to do 20 volumes, vol 11 is out in december)

So the only way we won't get an inevitable resolution is if we get a Soul Eater ending.

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thats about all i have

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Yes but I prefer RP to writing smut stories.
If you don't like it start your own conversation in here.

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This is how I recurring villain.

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anyone saving these?
also I'm almost out of reaction pics but I could dump some other w40k related stuff if you guys want

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