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>not purple

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I am trying to be the DM for the first time, and I devised a rule-light homebrew system to fight in something like the Holy Grail War in the Fate Franchise.

I have a party of 4 people (other three masters will be NPCs) and according to the rules I've devised, after rolling for their own stats they rolled to determine what Servant Class they were assigned.

One guy was assigned Rider, he asked me to use Fingolfin as his servant and I accepted.
Another guy was assigned Archer, and asked me to use Edmund Pevensie. I saw no problem with it and agreed.
Then one guy rolled very low and got Caster. He didn't complain as he didn't have a lot of mana himself, but asked me to use Dargor the Shadowlord. I sensed some memery but I let him get away with it.
Now the problem is that the only girl in the party rolled the highest and summoned Saber.
She insists she would like to use Kirito from SAO, but so far I've been rather reluctant to let her, since basically all Heroic Spirits will be drawn from classical fantasy.

I kinda shoot my own foot here for letting that guy get away with playing Dargor I guess, but am I a bad DM if I don't let her get the Servant she wants? After all my main objection is just the provenience of the character.

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Who the fuck thinks they can gather a bunch of their male friends in the promise of cheetos and adventure, only to use it as an excuse to play out your fetishes?

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>Art of Manliness

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>Texas being split up

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