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I'm in love with the hacker archetype, especially Technomancers, ever since I started in the latter era of 4e, but holy shit is it a quagmire. Sure, nothing in SR seems to work intuitively but Matrix so much so to the point it's the one part of the game universally and consistently handwaved or houseruled. I imagine this is kind of how game journalists feel when they have to play real video games. It makes me feel like I should stop trying because I'll never understand or have the encyclopedic grasp others have. I feel like a fraud, and the general consensus surrounding the shitty state of the Matrix is all I have to affirm that I'm not... Then I look up guides and how-tos and explanations and optimization tricks, which lets me play the game but makes me angry that I couldn't just get into playing without all this secondary legwork scattered about.

I want to play a hacker, but I don't want to actually hack with the system provided in SR.

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As I understand it, plenty of groups outsource their decker needs to an NPC. Tell me about yours.

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Decker. I love being the computer nerd that can make machines do what he wants

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How about combat deckers in 5E? How viable are they? Specifically with Street level runners, running a game soon and they seem like they'd be better than technomancers even with the (Ludicrous) deck cost.

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“Tass” was the phonetic version of the technomancer’s real handle, “T.A.S.,” which stood for “Terms and Services.” He took the name because he always felt that people were ignoring him.

A little bit of time around the guy was it it would take before it was clear WHY not many people paid attention to what he had to say. While he was a wonderful hacker, he was a hardcore anarchist who refused to ever shut the fuck up about his dream of bringing down the megacorporations. Everything about the guy bled pink mohawk, right down to the fact that he literally had a dyed mohawk. (Albeit one in what he called “matrix blue” instead of pink)

Whenever Tass got the chance, he would ramble on about how the rule of the Megacorporations was temporary, how someday the pigs in their ivory towers would be dragged kicking through the streets by the people they once bled dry, and other entiments that led to Boston Lau establishing an official “Tass never speaks at meets” rule. While Lau thought the technomancer’s mannerisms grating, Daze and Bloodworx both found Tass endearing: Daze because he appealed to her thrill-seeking drive, and Bloodworx because Tass’ anarchist enthusiasm reminded him of his own, less jaded days shortly after being fired from EVO.

Either way, Tass was not the kind of guy you wanted handling sensitive corporate information. And yet, through a series of missteps and coincidences, our crew found itself caught up in one of Aztechnology’s most secret projects.

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