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...For there were many mighty armies that came before yours whom thought themselves immune to the ruinious influence of the Cruddance. Oh how easily they were undone.

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no, the rhino was

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Ehh, it's more the "fed up with your bullshit" facial expression.

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Diablo was my first taste with grimdark.

My badass heroes from the first game all went batshit insane in the end, because of the corruptive nature of the Hells? Do like.

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Except for the Sisters, who always get killed and never seem to get raped.

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Appreciated, and it's regardless of it being good or bad it was the second relevant respond so I'm taking what I can.
I'd say guardians can work though, at least they look like they might, storm guardians that is, 80 unit with two meltas seems like a good deal, thrown in with the autarch, letting him get boosted to 7 WS and Int from the unit's warlock seem like a fair deal as well.
The real problem is the god damn serpents.. good lord I both love them and hate them. you are forced to pay for a weapon, bringing your basic (although good I'll admit that) transports up to at least 100 points plus, in mech lists which are the only thing that works as we all know, you'll be dedicating a roughly a third of your points to freaking transports, it's absurd, hell if they had the forced weapon options of the war walkers at least you could think your way though it but NOPE! twin linked.
On the note of high cost,
I realize on the disappointing amount of replies that this isn't the evening to ask, but is there any way what so ever to make Harlequins' work in 1500-1750 games?

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only in death our duty ends...

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=sororitas+Quest

Chapter 2 pt1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12385200/

Chapter 3 pt6.5: http://archive.easymodo.net/tg/thread/14230812

Chapter 3 pt10: http://archive.easymodo.net/tg/thread/15265845

The door opens with a well placed kick, the fleshy substance tearing.

The room is of a decent size. The floor is made of steel plate and grating. There is a large fleshy mass in one corner and slimy pods in two others.

The lighting is terrible, the organic growth having covered most of the ceiling and walls, though it didn't seem to cover much of the floor. Perhaps it couldn't find purchase.

The floor had several holes in it where some acidic substance may have eaten through. Or maybe they had decayed naturally from normal wear and tear.

The stench of rot was heavy in the air and the room was filled with a constant low clicking sound.

There were three doors. The one to the north was already covered in organic matter.

Caramel drew her weapon, looking around nervously. Filigree was staring at the pods nearest you.

You hesitate before turning to Caramel, about to tell her to fly Filigree over but the daemonette was already gone. You glanced around, spotting her just squeezing into a nearby vent. She wouldn't be any good in normal close combat from there, but she could easily surprise an unwary enemy.

You rise slowly into the air and begin to move forward, but Caramel grabs your hand. "Something doesn't seem right..." She was eyeing the pods carefully.

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Moar sisters art plz

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Not sure what pic you're referring to, but have a martyred Sister.

Apparently, it's all they do anymore.

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Sisters in Refrigerators

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And here is how I end my picture dump, thanks for the clarification Anon from a while ago.


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I don't know. Some random Space-Elf.
Could be Macha. Does Macha have red hair?

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so /tg/ where should I sell my SoB forces? and 3rd edition Grey Knight models for that matter. Getting out of 40K because fuck that shit, I dont feel like HAVING to be the flavor of the month to be able to stand half a chance at the table, and I dont like swarmy armies.
Pic very much related.

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I have been waiting for a god damn update for how long GW?

Fuck this shit, shitty codex replacement bullshit like this is EXACTLY why WH40K sucks unless your play the EMPRAHS FINEST FLAVOR OF THE MONTH!

and by that I mean bullshit knights,
die in a bloody fire angels
and every other space marine chapter that thinks it needs SOME overpowered bullshit.

Good god, I didnt wait 2 years to be told "Oh yeah, you get a magazine codex, oh yeah, your gunlines dont work as good as they used to and they never will and you cant turn a crappy unit into a super speed bump."

"Oh did we mention you also STILL have no real close combat worth jack shit? even if Repentia get a cost decrease? Oh and we took out EVERYTHING that made a Canoness worth 15$, so have fun with that as well."

Pic totally related right now.

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