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>Maybe having her childhood sweetheart stolen "in the name of the Emperor" is what drove her to join up with the local chaos cult.
Yeah no. Cultist has never been that serious. She dates a Ultramarine Scout in high school, as a cultist. She's always been a Cultist.
Realism in regards to 40K canon has never even really been a consideration.

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Ah, Jim, Jim Jimmy Jim Jim. We had some determined trolls back in the day.
Really knew how to offend you on a PERSONAL level.

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Rules for Chaos Squats!

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If we're cramming EVER meme in there...

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So, I'm running a post apocalyptic GURPS game, and I'm currently designing the third-act allies for my players. They're a nation of people who have continued to build and progress in technology as though the Great War never happened. In short, they're Space Marines in a Fallout-type game.

However, I figured that because the war essentially never happened and their nation never went into depression, they're a bunch of light hearted, meme-spouting, fist bumping frat boy Space Marines, or basically /b/tards in armor. No fear due to their heavy plating, they play at war like a big Call of Duty game, running into battle with whatever looks coolest. One maybe raids a house and steals a frying pan, then uses it to kill soldiers, while another might just ignore his huge shotgun and throw cars at people because he can.

In the event one dies, there is no sadness, just a mad rush to rip off his stuff while they can. Sort of a dig at the player characters and the sociopathic way they play their own characters.

Anyways, tl;dr, I want some ideas for how my Bro-Marines should act. Memes that have survived 200 years, little in-jokes they have between each other, and generally asshole-ish yet fun ways they should act.

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That's not Cultist-Chan, Cultist-Chan has purple hair!

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that's good sensibility.

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