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I'd rather cooperate.

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Looks more like he ran into a wall repeatedly. Just look at that face.

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one of my favs

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Moving back in to your 'new' quarters is almost enjoyable. Almost. It's still a tremendous pain in hindquarters, and involves far too many minions near your precious hoard, whatever their loyalty. Despite that, though, you find that everything happens relatively quickly and painlessly. On a positive note, you find your hoard larger than it was when it exited the mountain- Apparently, your worshipers decided this was an opportunity to pay their respects to their lord, and quietly made mass offerings. A meager contribution, when compared to your collection in all it's majesty, but a touching token of faith and awe...

Scinnari, now with a much smaller figure, sets about re-appointing your lair and castle- With only moderate misgivings, you promise her whatever she requires to that end. It's difficult to let such wealth go, but an acceptable expense. And, of course, she seems to enjoy it thoroughly. Possibly a little too much, but you reserve judgment. In the end, while she expends an amount that practically makes you wince, the results are worth it. Towering columns of solid, natural marble, created by Farrandras, and engraved by expert craftsman teleported in for the purpose. A titanically wide dais, a few high, made of solid, perfectly smooth obsidian, with a central disc embedded with large, flawless rubies... Indeed, with Farrandras' help, she's even managed to make relatively nearby chambers of the mountain much lower in temperature, suitable for humanoid guests. Luxurious, too, though none quite as much as personal quarters in your castle, let alone your lair.

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Correction: Change 'Tashz' in point five to 'Azar'. Tashz and Rhasver want the city, the city wanted to do it's own thing. As far as we know, the necromantic apocalypse was limited to the city.

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Further, I forgot to mention, the doors are very big and solid. We can still try if you want. (1d100)

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>from what you gather
from what you've gathered. Sorry.

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How do you make your traditional "dragon tamer" fantasy story a bit less... stereotypical? I mean, we've all read stories about boys growing up in a society filled with dragon riders who goes through hardship in finding his perfect partner dragon blahdeblahblah... blah.

How do we make it different? Exciting? Actually make it so people will want to read/play it and not just got "DRAGONRIDERAGAIN?!£?"

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