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What are you expecting from Eternal Crusade, fa/tg/uys?

What do you hope will be included?

Right now, my biggest disappointments are that there will be no Iron Hands or Alpha Legion. Technically there still could be, since the devs said that they would be adding a 5th chapter/legion/clan/craftworld, but we all know that the community isn't going to vote for them. They should just let you pick any character design that you want, and even make custom ones, like in Space Marine.

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So, there's now pre-alpha gameplay footage for Eternal Crusade. Which, if you've been under a rock, is the upcoming 40k MMO.


Honestly, it doesn't look like much yet. Just a generic shooter. Hopefully it'll feel more like 40k when the player numbers are bigger.

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I know that Eternal Crusade is a video game, but 40k is one of /tg/'s bread and butters. The devs are talking with fans, pre-alpha gameplay is out, and it seems to be sticking close to the lore.

What are your thoughts /tg/?

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Can we have an Eternal Crusade thread?

What race/sub-faction/class will you start with /tg/?

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Apparently this video is old sauce being posted a whole 24 hrs ago. I thought about taking it to /v/ but then I realized anyone intelligent on /v/ who would actually want to discuss it would be on /tg/ too so why bother with the rampant faggotry?

Video features actual GAMEPLAY though it's in Alpha state. It looks like... Well, it looks like a somewhat more fluid Space Marine.

Too early to make any judgement, but I find the fact they've actually got GAMEPLAY that we can SEE promising - especially when compared to that OTHER MMO that just sort of vanished like a fart in the wind when THQ died.

also /tg/ related vidya thread

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Sup /tg/ don't know if anyone made a thread on this yet, but remember when we sent the devs a bunch of emails in Orkish to get them to do a newsletter in Orkish? Turns out it worked, they even replied to our Warboss Rokkitfella emails. http://sendgrid.com/wf/webmail?rp=ZTI1bGQzTnNaWFIwWlhKZmFXUTZNVEl6TkN4MWMyVnlYMmxrT2pJMU5qVTBmUWV5SnVaWGR6YkdWMGRHVnlYMmxrSWpvaU1qSTBNREl4TlNJc0ltNWxkM05zWlhSMFpYSmZkWE5sY2w5cFpDSTZNemMyTURrd05qVTVOako5

I just found it pretty neat, also Eternal Crusade discussion/speculation thread too.

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LIVE QnA for Eternal Crusade is going on!


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Just a reminder. If you havent yet, sign up muthafucka.


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dont tell anyone
you'll get in troube

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Hey fuckers

Video of the Eternal Crusade demonstration at Comicon.

No gameplay, but art stills of how the game should look, along with an example of how the game will go, also questions and answers, and French game developers dressed as Inquisitors and roleplaying.

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Am i the only one who thinks the artwork released so far for this game is the most horrible warhammer artwork ever ?

I mean it looks so different from the normal grimdark stuff.
They look like saturday morning cartoons.

I hope they dont make a mockery of the game the same way they are doing with Elder Scrolls Online

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One of the devs tweeted that had a poll where they overwhelmingly won't be playing orks, da gits. So I made a poll for us.


Also, let's have Eternal Crusade general discussion, and therefore here's the information we know so far:

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>Dev team had another playtest this week
>Apparently 20 min playtime, 18 players
>9404 shots fired, 910 melee swings, 3238 total player hits for 53018 damage.
>~2.72 seconds to kill a player with a bolter at the moment... if you hit with every shot.
>Everyone was using a gamepad and sticking to one weapon
>Multiple firing modes will be available
>Average take down time is longer than COD but shorter than Borderlands, no concrete time set.

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probably never

it's single payment, so I don't think it will be microtransaction based.

sry bbz xoxox

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How come we're saying that we don't know any Eldar Craftworlds? It's quite clearly an Ulthwé Eldar in this picture, isn't it?

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Minor update on WH40K: Eternal Crusade.

Behaviour Interactive made a quiet announcement yesterday. The company and MuchDifferent revealed a partnership for the latter to provide the former with PikkoServer, middleware technology focused on multiplayer networks. If you’re not an insane hardware guru you probably don’t care, but there’s a bit in the announcement that you should care about. PikkoServer has allowed MuchDifferent to provide support for 1,000 players in a single game environment!
This doesn’t mean 500v500 PvP is confirmed for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. However, the statement did reveal that developer Behaviour Interactive has ambitions for an impressively large and scalable battle.
“Imagine seeing 500 Space Orks running towards you shouting Waaagh! While you and 499 of your Space Marines friends get ready to defend your Fortress!! I know I can!!!’’ said Miguel Caron, Behaviour Interactive Online’s Head of Studio of the deal.
Not confirmed. But we can be hopeful. Exclamation point!


Anyone know anything about these servers they're going to use? Do you think we'll really get lag-free 1000 player battles?

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I wish the Ork on this art had a clan symbol on him somewhere, so many of the clans use checker patterns and he doesn't have much solid color to indicate what clan he's in

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because my dad works for GW and i have all 5 pieces of exodea
actually i think they mentioned them in an interview, the choice for all 4 chaos undivided as opposed to death guard, thousand suns, world eaters and emperors children was actually kinda smart, more troop diversity within warbands.
heres hoping for freebooters

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Tbh I was sure it was going to be TB who was gonna hinder the schedule
But out of nowhere the GM is a fucking MMORPG lead level designer

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