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Here's my argument for having Peter Cullen as Horus:

He can do villains. Pic related. Start him out with the Optimus Prime mannerisms for when Horus hasn't fallen yet, then have him shift to Venger.

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If I'd say that Venger was once a pupil to the Dungeon Master, and either due to them dying to Tiamat, or Venger killing them himself, he became evil?

That also means that Venger perhaps wanted to conquer the Realm, just to go home, you know.

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Hello, elegan/tg/entlemen,

I just rolled up a 2e ironman stat block. STR 14 DEX 12 CON 16 INT 10 WIS 14 CHA 12. What should my race/class combo be?

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THAC0 may be an abortion of a combat system, but otherwise 2e's a good solid system.

2efags report in.

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Don't mind me, /tg/, I'm just the villain of your next campaign.

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