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My Vanguard Vets.

I don't use them anymore, since 6th edition made them really really risky(Even more then they were before) but nothing quite like having 5 marines drop out of the sky and knock the shit out of a unit in CC.

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Basically the marines don't worship chaos themselves, but are totally ok with using guardsmen from their recruiting worlds who are.

They're on the slow path to corruption, obviously, but not really there yet.

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And some of my marines, a squad of five vanguard vets with power spears and a thunder hammer on the sgt.

Point of this squad is to take advantage of the VVs ability to assault from deepstrike, which is why I gave them the spears. If they aren't getting the assault from the deepstrike then it's quite likely they're screwed anyways, no matter what weapon they have.

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