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the idea of a stax deck is to lock everything down and tax your opponents out the ass so there's no room to breath. once you have the right board state you kind of sit back until you can win
this is just to add to everything that's been mentioned

cards that give permanents to sacrifice to smokestack:
squirrel nest
sigil of the empty throne

stax/tax effects:
standstill (pairs well with sun titan)
no mercy
ghostly prison
sphere of safety
root maze
either thalia
mystic remora
authority of the consuls
aura of silence
aven mindcensor
grafdigger's cage
sphere of resistance
nether void
necrogen mists
thorn of amethyst
containment priest
linvala, keeper of silence
notion thief
leyline of the void
arcane lab

sun titan will help keep your permanents from staying gone.

and remember, you have a lot of artifacts in your list. suppression field is going to hurt you too

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