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Has anyone tried the Horus Heresy mod yet?

Shit gets weird sometimes.

>757th Expeditionary Force
>Have 29 regiments including Skitarii Bodyguards for the Mechanicum adepts
>Have probably the last 2 companies of the Thunder Warriors
>Have one Battle Barge equivalent ship (Name it Thunderchild) and 9 support craft
>Legion derived from the genetic samples from Vat Number XVII. 3,000 of the fuckers.
>Settin' out, world conquerin', Empire forgin', STC fragment recoverin'
>Everything playing out pretty much accordion the to the official lore. With the exception of the Thunder Warriors.
>Encounter Deamons for first time. WTF is this? some sort of inter-dimensional xeno?
>Deamon banishin' added to the list.
>Some time has past by this point and down to 1,900 Marines, 160 Thunder Warriors and 20 Regiments of troops (Including Leftover Regiments) despite reinforcements from Old Earth. But Holy Fuck thats a lot of world conquered. No ships lost yet.
>One of the other XVII Expeditionary forces discovers Colchis.
>Do we submit to our progenitor?
>Fuck no.
>Resupplies from Old Earth and Mars become less and less frequent. Reinforcements almost stop.
>Gone so far we won't ever make it back
>Find a world in the inky black around a lonely Brown Dwarf star.
>Call it home
>Dig into the night shrouded earth
>Big halogen bulbs for the sun, sprinkler systems for the rain, beach the Thunderchild, take it apart and use the bits to build forges, power stations, water purifiers everything.
>Mine for metal. Mine for uranium. Mine to grow crops in the false sun caves.
>Tell the guard regiments (Mixed gender thank God) to settle down and make a new life for themselves.

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Technically, the guy who started it all is Kor Phaeron. But you can have a picture of Lorgar anyway.

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Because Lorgar wrote a book that was really persuasive.

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You bring nothing but a tyranny clothed in pretty words, no different then that corpse the loyalists worship. You speak to me of abomination? Open your eyes whelp! This whole galaxy is an abomination, a mindless abomination. You speak of purpose, but only actions matter, and your actions show only that you have joined the universe in the mindless abomination that it is. The only peace and order you will know is when you are serving Nurgle int he grave. FOR CHAOS!

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>>>>So why is the Imperium of Man 'crumbling'?

Alpharius failed.

>>Is there hope?

No. Might as well join the winning side while you can. Chaos rewards those who don't wait till the last minute to bandwagon jump.

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I have NOTHING for Curze, But Lorgar....

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Just as planned.

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This is how I chaplain

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