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Warhammer Online was a ton of fun. You really missed out if you didn't play it.

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Warhammer Angry Birds... Huh, well, I mean, might be cool. I think I'll download it now actually and report back.

But that music though. RIP Warhammer Online. I loved that game...

>browsing through Tome of Knowledge
>realize I have zero Vampire kills
>can't find any info on Hammerwiki on where to find any, but start to think logically
>Marshes of Madness zone contains the ruins of Mourkain
>including the "Bludsucker Tower", which has a Necrarch at the top
>ask around guild to see if anyone else has the unlock, none do
>MoM is significantly lower level than most of us in the guild, but we all want the unlock, so about 2/3rds of the guild shows up
>form a warband outside the tower, end up gathering almost every Destruction player in the map and many of their friends that they call in
>My Black Orc leads the charge as a good 60 people charge into the ruins
>fight our way up the winding stairs, clearing each large chamber as we reach it
>probably 6 floors of this
>finally reach the top, and there is the Necrarch
>We descend on him like a flood
>he goes down almost instantly
>none of us get a kill for Vampires
>he was flagged as Undead

so mad but still was an awesome experience

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