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Cue nervous laughter from everyone.
>DM tells him.
"Well, I'm sorry dude. Hope you have a second character rolled up." Did not sound sorry. I did not.

He goes super aggro on me, slamming me into a table suddenly. I have my magic brass knuckles but I don't want to get into a fight when I have less than 10 health. I summon an elemental at max size and order it to restrain him while I talk sense into him/run away screaming. I manage to squeak out of the fight with 2 health left, with the echo of him screaming about me getting his dagger back right now bouncing around my skull. All my money was with my shit (I asked the DM this time and he decreed I had no money) so I went looking around for lucrative jobs I could use to buy my way back home. Found a guy who could open a portal for 500g, the best paying gig atm was a caravan guard for 5g. Wellp.

It was about this time that CK and CK's assassin bro came over and get us. "We've got a job, you're coming with us. Shut up and do it." Despite the bard being helpful and giving me some HP I still don't want to get into it, and there's nothing for me to gain here anyway so I go with him. Assassin Bro, AB from now on, has a gig in the nearby city of mages. CK has just been invited to join AB's association and is helping him with the gig. There's a portal set up so we'll be dropped off nearby. Side note: The town we're in is the staging ground for several of the area's clans to form a joint army to assault the city we're going to for reasons.

So we get to the city, and CK uses me as a cover to get inside the city. Despite CK and AB being incredibly obtuse to the guards and filling out their paperwork absurdly, we're allowed into the city. Once inside I find a stable for my animals. While in the stable CK harasses me some more, with more promises to kill my ass soon. He wrote down he was my retainer, so he kicks me out of the stable and does it himself to keep up appearances.

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