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No but heavy relativism equating straight relationship with gay ones (as if they're both just "preferences") will affect the birthrates, compounded with other factors of course.

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Where do Space Marines stow their magazines for their guns?

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Aye, really my army needs heavy support, since my current list is;

- Captain in Gravis Armor
- Captain on bike (A kitbash with a spare bike I had)
- Old metal Captain
- Old metal Librarian
- Sargent Telion
- Old metal Apothicary
- Primaris Lieutenants
- Primaris Ancient
- 4x scout squads
- 3x tac squads, soon going to be pushed to 4
- 2x Intercessors
- Hellblasters
- Interceptors
- Bike squad
- Imperial Space Marine (Was a fun kit bash)
- 2 Dreadnaughts
- Soon getting Sergeant Chronus and either a pred or Vindicator, debating which

So obviously my mostly free army is very troop heavy, so I need to get some heavy support, leading to the current debate.

Despite using Ultramarine rules I am painting them/ wanting to fluff them as Storm Wardens with a slightly modified theme

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Both wear the standard type Aquila armor, so either the Chapter didn't have the older and more venerable armors - or the new and improved Errant type, for that matter - in great supply to begin with, or these two just were never themselves respected enough to wear some. We could go with the latter, as it seems more interesting to me.

Each of their armors has a history. Roll 1d5 to find out which table to use, then 1d10 for the roll itself.

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It's a pretty good example. Shows that Marines aren't necessarily decked out like that Black Templar.

That said, the best example would be a standard Tac Marine model.

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Why are Space Marines so popular? This is not "stop liking what I don’t like". Just curiosity why they overshadow everything.

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Tell us about Your Dudes. We can argue and speculate on Age of the Emperor all we want, in the end it's all about Your Dudes! Tell us of their heroic deeds, their battle-colours, their heroes. What inspired you to create this army of legend?

Even if you don't play Warhammer, tell us! I'll be interested either way.

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>Can I ask for help on characters in fully enclosing suits that AREN'T from Warframe?
Sure thing buddy. Honestly I am surprised no one posted this yet

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Why are their shoulder pads so huge? It looks silly.

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Take the last character you played and have them fight against pic related

Do they live?

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Threads of half naked catgirls get thousands of replies; how many for our boys in blue?

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40k Mass Effect;

You are a chapter master and can take control of your own chapter at the end of the 41st millenium. You have many many choices, you take part in inner imperium politics and conflicts and wars and politics outside of the imperium i.e Tau, Eldar. You can sway to Chaos, Renegade or stay loyal to the Emperor. All the events in the game build up to the peak of the 13th Black crusade. Similar to how FalloutNV builds up to Hoover Dam. There is a fair amount of open world stuff, for instance you would be able to clear out parts of a space hulk as your base. Go trading. Intervene in conflicts ect.

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Is there any Space Marine chapter which isn't either a bunch of fucked up fetishists or emo?

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I bounce between IG and Marines. It's tough to say honestly.

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>Using transports as personal drop pods, crashing them into enemies.

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Does Imperium consider falling in love with a Marine sinful? Do they fuck? They should.

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That is "god emperor" to you, lowly human.

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How strong is your average Space Marine? Everywhere I look seems to put them at anywhere from 5-10 ton lifters depending on the author and the type of armor they're wearing.

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I don't play the game myself but I like going with my friend when he plays tournaments. He was playing a two vs two match against some Tau, and was basically carrying the whole match himself. But near the last leg of the game his partner places down a load of marines and starts shouting "Glory to the partridges!" Am I missing something here?

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why do space suits (Space Marines, Stormtroopers, Terra Marines etc.) rarely use any camouflage? They're always in impractical bright colors, unlike real soldiers.

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Whats the official line with Bolter weapons /tg/?

I mean, they're supposedly powerful guns that only spess mareens and anyone in powered armor can handle.

But you see normalfag humans in the Imperium using bolt pistols.

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Would a smaller body not more advantageous? More cover possibilities, for example,

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How much damage could a marine suddenly dropped in to our world do before being taken down?

Keep in mind response escalation, the national guard doesn't instantly appear on the scene.

Let's set the following criteria:

A pretty populated place, let's say Times Square.

No reasoning with the marine, he is out to PURGE HERESY and he won't stop until he has done so or is dead.

He is your baseline tac marine and has the following equipment:

Bolter w/6 mags 1+5 spares
2 Frag grenade
2 Krak Grenade

How long until we take him down. I mean, our current world isn't that under powered, a lot of tech would be considered Dark Age stuff.

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