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>> "CoNsErvAtIsM iS tHe NeW pUNk RoCk"

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OP here. My bad for posting a garbage thread, I blacked out from sucking too many dicks at once (I managed at least six, a new personal record) and must've been shitposting amidst my cock-garbling crazed stupor. I'm gonna go take a shit in my own mouth in a bit and forget about this whole thing, it always makes me feel better; reminds me of when grandma did it when I was a kid.

>OP thinks people taking action on his behalf is okay

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>oh no, someone is posting something 40k related that I don't like in a 40k thread !
>I will proceed to write a long shitpost about it, that will show him !

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Shut up faggot.

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Is there a code for you sucking dick? Oh wait I think I found it

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No OP is pic related

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Stat my dick.

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Kill yerself

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i put on my robe and wizard hat is fucking gold

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Daily reminder that whiteagle is shit and your server is shit by association.

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>Horus BROKE the IoM, cut a swathe through it, and nearly ended the human race there and then.

This is supposed to be a merit? Are you fucking kidding me?

Horus was a guillible little faggot despite being 200 years old by the time he rebelled.
He had visions about his father being a hypocritical power hungry asshole who wants become mankind's god, so instead of talking with the dad about it, his next logical step would be to bunch up with FUCKING BUTTHURT WORDBEARERS, got corrupted by fuckign chaos and launch an attack that killed astronomical number of innocent people who had nothing to do with his father's SUSPECTED corruption. His own actions fulfilled his visions. He fucked up on every possible level.

Farsight flipped a finger to fags who hijacked his race, did all kinds of shady shit to firther thier goals, and kept people in the dark about Chaobroke of. And his people are happy withous some self-important geezer telling them what to do and what not.

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>/v/ dont give a shit
/v/ raged so fucking hard EA had to dispatch paid shitposters to advertise their piece of gay manure

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so if you think monks should be able to equip brass knuckles and do +1 or +2 damage, that's fucking fine! Houserule it in! You don't have to shit up the board by whining how one tiny little example of how non simulationist D20 mechanics are. I'd call you autistic but you're clearly not, you're just an unpleasant jackass with a bone to pick.

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shut up and have fun faggot. DO IT!

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fa/tg/uy here, take your disgusting vagina elsewhere, this is a discussion of cocks and only cocks, which are awesome no matter whether cut nor uncut.


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There was a point when this pony shit needed to stop and we've clearly passed it.

Keep it at ponychan you assburgers.

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Oh good you can google a dictionary.

Yes, merriam webster is certainly the sole arbiter of philosophical absolutes.

>muslim man "kills" teenage daughter for wearing lipstick
>it wasn't murder you guys because it wasn't against the law
>marine "kills" iraqi child
>it wasn't murder you guys he was a soldier so by definition he's incapable of murder


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Guys! Quality products never cater to their target audience. A hobby run by nerds, for nerds, should never ever include hypersexualized females (but lol it is totally okay to make all the men the size of a barge) because that makes it hard for the audience to believe in them.

Fuck OP, fuck the stupid blog he found, and sage because fuck this thread.

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A male DM talking about 25 inch horse cocks?
I have bad news for ya bro

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>durr drinking is evul
>it rong people always get hurrt

Fuck that. Alcohol lowers inhibitions. I've found that my players actually get more into character when they've had a few drinks. In fact, we had a blast when two players decided "in character" to see who could down a beer faster.

First time I've seen a wizard outdrink a barbarian.

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