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>no mask

captcha: masque

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>take planescape setting
>use Mage: The Ascension and similar WOD rules and crunch for it
>run the greatest game ever.

Did it twice, it worked disturbingly well both times - first was a "no mage" game that emulated a D&D style party using Werewolf: The Apocalypse rules for a lot of things, i.e. cleric used fetishes to achieve effects and was only one who could do fetishes and collect gnosis, barbarian/druid who ran off RAGE and could "wildshape" I.e. switch form like regular weresplats to fight, thief character who wasn't particularly good in combat but was v. sneaky and could step between sigil and its penumbra (just stole heavily from Wraith's Stygia as a "dark reflection" of sigil) via shadows, and a hedge wizard who could do some vancian magic by doing some rituals before hand.

Second was an ALL MAGE game of this using mage rules for magic.

as was predictable EVERYTHING BROKE. At one point the lady of pain got hit in the face with a pie (I think it was poisoned or something - the pie got overshadowed in memory), and then mazed the party into the labyrinth, where I had the bright idea of starting the players with their backs to the edge of oblivion and having to work their way to the obsidian staircase to get out.

That's when the game stopped being a planescape game at all because the fuckers got so involved in malfian and spectre politics that they NEVER LEFT THE LABYRINTH.

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So, since the player decided to go it alone, their partner having already logged out, he quickly finds himself overwhelmed by a surge of NPC clowns and jesters, one in particular striking the finishing blow, having more arms than any man ever should and using all of them to juggle various oddities and trinkets, finally throwing all of them at the player's avatar just before he's dropped from the game. I ask for a will-save and he rolls a bit too low for his own good.

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The realization that he wears no mask.

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You could also choose to play someone who wears no mask.

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>End File: Rural Arkham Farmlands ["The Blasted Heath"]


>Psychological Assessment complete.
>Assassination Directive: Aborted
>Personal Information Forwarded to Secure Site

>Welcome Agent. We know who you are. We now know what you are. It is time you found out who we are...

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I wear no mask

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Latika strolls casually in when she senses that you are finished, completely unharmed.

"Well well, where have you been?"

"Checking into that old thing Reynard was getting chased around for."


"Sometimes I forget you're a little thick: remember how Reynard was on the run for something he found? I went and found it myself."

"Really? Just what was it?"

"I don't know, I didn't actually find the thing itself, but I found out plenty about it. Something being held for the Mage's guild that seems to be going for a very, very high price. Lots of people guarding it, elaborate means to keep it a secret, and lots of magical security."

"You weren't spotted were you?"

"Sweetie, I'm a ghost. Also I think I know where it's getting passed along. The current shipment is currently in a bathhouse in the entertainment district."

Your response?

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So I'm running a hastily thrown together Call of Cthulhu one-shot tonight, for my friend before he leaves forever, and I need some ideas.

The basic premise is that they are two police detectives. Setting is Tulsa, and the year is 1999.

Can you help me, fa/tg/uys?
Thanks a ton.

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Also, magic is still cool right?

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I wear no mask.

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A dark taint lies within his soul.
The Prince was remade wrong.
He eventually kills his father, becoming the new King.
He continues to wear that yellow coat, and the mask.

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Very, very yes.

2d10 for combat, 3d6 for skills.

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I spent my time writing various tragic and painful plays for a bunch of other Changelings to act out for the pleasure of my Keeper, a thin fellow in Yellow robes with a pale mask. He wanted to see how humans lived, but he wanted only to see the tragedy and suffering. And no matter how much they died or were tortured or driven mad, the cast was restored to almost normality to start again the next night.

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a book that creates insanity eh?

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Back from shower.


Why, that's genius! Creed, etc.

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He wears many masks, but he is not Nyarlathotep, but rather...

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