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>vice principal is in a very bad mood today seeing as how she woke up alive this morning.

>try to drink yourself to death
>wake up with a hangover.

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My group's own TG
>Landwhale, poor hygiene
>Lives at parents' house in his 30's, no job
>Manages to show up in old and worn clothes, sometimes even too small
>Brony, we avoid talking about equine animals like the plague
>Too much into anime
>Plays ttrpgs like goddamn Final Fantasy, gets bored when there is no action or focus on him, gets bored soon if focus is non-action
>Always making his own "not-WHFB" rules at the table, reference material taking up another seat at the table
>Watches MLP/animu on phone, or gets a mattress and lies down for a nap when too bored
>Characters are as flat as the character sheet, can't produce even a short proper backstory without help, gets jealous when other characters get more time in spotlight thanks to a backstory that can be integrated into the game
>Not good at optimizing characters even when given advice, gets jealous when others get more bang out of their characters
>Has no sense of teamplay, prefers to do "cool stuff" like hit-and-run with a reach weapon when playing a fighter (D&D5E) and team has no other viable "tanks", at times outright fades from combat to keep his character safe
>Tau as main army in 40k, huge fanboy, also plays Eldar, Necrons, SM and CSM
>Manages to do horribly anyway when he plays, thinks that Tau never was too powerful in any way, especially things like Riptides or Tau'Nar
>Bretonnia fanboy, super salty that they never got an update after WHFB 6th, won't shut up about it
>Won't shut up about how sucky they are in the local community rehash
>Bad at this game too
>Every session brings up immigrant politics and islam, argumenting with him is futile because he is too stupid to see his own logical fallacies
>Always brings up "news" about 40k that everyone has already read themselves

"Saving" qualities
>Pretty chill when not discussing "danger" topics
>Always brings stuff to eat and drink
>Keeps the gaming quarters reserved, always on time

I've kicked him out of a game only once

I think that was all

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> Everday we star further from the Emperor.

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>nyaa.se is gone
Excuse me, I've got some angry muttering to do.

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Get off the internet Lorgar.

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>New store opens up near me
>Finally get a chance to play after having my army sit there collecting dust
>Barely anyone shows up to play 40k
>Always stuck getting my ass kicked by the same Necron army every week

I can only hope 8e brings in new people

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90% of D&D games are standardly cooperative games, where the group stays together for a common goal and try to do their best to further the plot as a team.

>You seem to have more of a problem with shitty players than betrayal itself.
I usually do, yes.
>Unless their CE, then they should just do it for the jollies because they are actually sociopathic.
Which just makes me reiterate that alignments are fucking garbage and CE teammates, especially in a neutral/good game should be thrown into a dumpster full of australian stinging nettles.

>LN Wizard
Or, you know, the player could've just handed over control of his PC to the GM stating that he is not a good fit for the party and that he is probably going to be going his own way before bringing in an evil character himself.

Although, if the group was cool with him having all the glory I guess he is playing with too many betas and that doesn't really matter. A group full of betas is not a group at all, just a circle-wank fest of shit.

>I mentioned already involving a party member secretly funding organized crime.
Good for you: the other players enjoyed that game? Good for them too.

You know what, actually I retract my previous statement. I do not want to read stories of betrayals. I got enough disappointing shit about that: traitorous things, even those that are fun for the group, are ruined for me forever.

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Have the thief give back the thing he stole and 5 times the value of the thing. Unless he stole food because he was starving: that's one warning. The next time he will get the whip.
Same procedure as theft, only that the culprit has to give back ten times as much. On the second fraud, it's off with the culprit's tongue.
>Disfiguring someone
Deal the same disfigurement to the culprit and chop off his or her thumb on his or her main hand.
>Wounding someone
Pay for their treatment and give them ten times the value of said treatment.
Expose to the public at the stocks. Second time also has flogging. Third time and it's off with that tongue.

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Not my local FLGS thank god

The straw that broke the camels back was when I deepstruck in some raptors and a Bloodthirster. The raptors misshaped into ongoing, but the BL was fine. As I was putting the raptors back, he was manhandling my fucking Bloodthirster with his greasy mitts, and was convinced that if one unit mishaps, all units deep striking that turn also mishap.

>cheeto handling my models

just said, "alright, I'm done" and packed up

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People that make brooding edgelords that have no reason whatsoever to be with the party in the first place.

People that play evil characters that backstab the party.

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What's the point of this? It's so redundant with the already existing "light" flier space marines have. Why even take a stormtalon anymore? Why the fuck do the marines need another of something they already have while other armies get shit?

Fuck it im just going to make a space marine army so I can be allowed to have fun in this hobby.

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I... what the fuck? Why? Just why?

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Oh my fucking god, Lucy you tremendous cuntbag. it'd been 65 fucking years and you still make me angrier than a Khornate Berserker!

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>everything even remotely sexual is fetish bait
/tg/ is getting shittier by the day...

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Of course I miss question/answer time, I've been looking at a pile of shoes thinking about Nathans replacement leg all day and I miss it. DAMMIT JOB.

I wanted to ask, if Nathan had a wraith steel leg and bri used some necro on him would it hurt the wraith steel? Because I remember earlier that it was said she would destroy it or something because necromancy and wraith steel don't mix.

Just a thought.

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>This everything

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>Oldest Green Orcs
>In a thread about fucking WH:FB

Nigga, I'm gonna smack you.

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>I steal from our group because that's what my character would do.

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>I played a ranger that was being seduced by one of the bbeg's sexy minions.
What kind of shitty system were you playing, where you can't decide which NPC you like or not?

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Wait until they update the dex. Dont spend any money. Play the games instead.

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Shit isnt happening. Its a verified reprint with the expansion paks just like the tau book.
Nothing to see here.

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Here are mine: I play online because I lack people in the vicinity who play RPGs.

>That guy who plays with a mic next to the speakers and leaves the music/TV running in the background
>The guy with a crappy mic who has a constant static sound in the convo
>That mouthbreather
>Babies crying in the background and not having the courtesy to mute your mic makes me really fucking mad

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